The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 79

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

There's a letter from Gaboriau. I have answered it. He may do as he pleases. If he is capable of a lachete, I tell him — let him do so. I do not think he will give her the letter but you better write to him a kind letter and ask him to return it to you.

Here's a new impertinence from the lawyers. I have said below what I think. Please, engage a lawyer for me.

I have a letter from my aunt in which she says concerning Solovioff as I had asked her to recall all the circumstances not trusting to my memory: "I know nothing of that story about Mohini, nor does it interest me; all I remember is, that when I tore up that letter unwittingly and you had read it and told of it to myself and Solovioff you began quarrelling with him and saying that you would never believe Mohini guilty and that it was his fault if Potiphars were running after him. If you want it I can write a sworn deposition in French to that effect, and take my oath on the Evangelium (Bible) before a notary. If Solovioff says otherwise he LIES. What can he do, that he threatens me? Only denounce me perhaps to the gendarmes at the Secret Office and invent some treasonable expressions as having been pronounced by me. He is quite capable of it. All Russia knows him. His own Mother has cursed him and it is said" — (but that's too horrible) and he was my friend!!! No wonder if after His first visit, and having had a good look at him Master would have nothing more to do with him all my prayers notwithstanding!

Yours ever,
H. P. B.

Please show this to Mohini. I can send you her original letter but it is in Russian. Let him see that I have not lied.

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