The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 92

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett

Last January the Prince sent me 537 rupees he owed me for extra things and a letter during the Coronation from Moscow. Since then he wrote me three times he says and not one of his letters not even money (of which he sends me a receipt from the Russian Agency in London) have I received. He feels sure, he says, — [The MS. is slightly damaged here. — Ed.] the money and letters have been intercepted here for he traced the money to London. Now I ask you to do me the favour of sending the enclosed registered to him from London — and then I will be sure it will reach him. This is a darned shame — Talk of Russia opening other people's letters! Is it again the old craze? Why for a year I received no news from him and now I receive at last a letter in which he explains the fact. He thought I did not wish to write and I thought he was forgetting to send me the money and forgot me. Please send it registered to Tiflis and oblige, and take the cost out of the money Quaridge is owing us, or ask Mrs. Sinnett for certain things. Consummatum est. I am nearly paralysed and obliged to use a crutch and be wheeled about the house. Better to die. I, "writing affectionate and insincere letters" to Mrs. K? So do you — speak to her politely and smilingly —— [the Mukerji is slightly damaged here. — Ed.] sending her with her dyed hair to th- . . . -evil, [the MS. is slightly damaged here. — Ed.] I am sure. Only I am forced to do so by Boss, and you — by Mrs. Grundy. Which of the two is the noblest Master?

Yours, legless and snappingly desperate
H. P. B.

When did I write to Eglinton a visiting card? guess not. Either my "handwriting or a very good imitation of it"? Some spookish fraud, I suppose, like the letter shown by Billing to Massey?

Well, go ahead and believe it. I am tired to set all of you right. May you all become wiser when I am dead and gone. A nice mess between you and Kingsford. The hypocritical she-devil. Masters order us to send her letter to you and yet They will have her President!!

It is very important this letter to the Prince, both for money matters and help I ask for my poor sister whose pension is cut off. Please send it quick in your name.

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