The Masks of Odin — Elsa-Brita Titchenell


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Aesir (ay-seer) [gods] Active deities. See Ase

Ager (ay-gear) [a titan or giant] Space: brewer of mead for the gods

Agnar (ang-nar) Name of two early humanities; one was taught by Grimner (Odin)

Alf (alv) [channel] Elf, soul

Allvis (al-veece) [all all + vis wise] A dwarf: worldly wise wooer of Thor's daughter

Andrimner [and air + rimner computation, calendar] One of the boars that feed the One-harriers

Ase (aw-seh) [as topmost roofbeam of a house] An active god. See also Aesir (pl.), Asynja (f.), Asynjor (f. pl.)

Asgard (aws-gawrd) [as god + gard court] Home of the Aesir

Askungen (ask-ung-en) [ask ash + unge child] Ash child, Cinderella

Asmegir (aws-may-gir) [godmaker] Potential god: the human soul

Asynja (aw-sin-ya) [goddess, f. of Ase] Active deity

Asynjor (aw-sin-yore) [pl. of Asynja, f. of Aesir] Goddesses

Audhumla (a-ood-hum-la) [mythic cow] Symbol of fertility

Balder (bahl-der) An Ase: the sun-god

Bargalmer, Bergelmir (bare-yell-meer) [a titan] Fruitage of a universal lifetime

Barre (bar-reh) [barr pine needle] The sacred grove of peace. Snorri speaks of the ash as having barr, having never seen a tree. There were none in Iceland.

Bele's bane (bay-leh) The sword of Frey

Bifrost, Bafrast, Bilrast (bee-frost, bayv-rast, beel-rast) The rainbow bridge between men and gods

Bilskirner (beel-sheer-ner) [flashing, shining] Valhalla's shelf

Bleknabb (blayk-neb) [pale beak] Eagle, the giant Rasvalg

Bodvild (beud-vild) Daughter of King Nidud

Brage, Bragi (brah-geh) An Ase: poetic inspiration, wisdom

Brimer (bree-mer) [ocean surf] An aspect of Ager. See Ymer

Brisingamen (bree-sing-a-mayn) [brising fire + men jewel] Freya's gem, human intelligence

Brock A dwarf: the mineral kingdom

Budlung (bood-lung) A king (poetic)

Bur (boo-r) [birth?] Space, first emanation of Burl

Buri (boo-ree) Frozen, unmanifest, abstract Space. Traditionally King Buri or Bore personifies winter

Byleist (bee-layst) [wildfire] The destructive side of Loki, mind

Draupnir (drawp-neer) [dripper] Odin's magic ring: proliferating cycles

Dvalin (dvah-leen) [comatose] The human, unawakened soul; Dvalin's toy, the solar disk

Dwarfs Souls less than human in evolutionary status

Edda [great-grandmother] Matrix of human wisdom

Egil (ay-gil) An early humanity, the age of innocence

Eldrimner [eld fire + rimner computation, calendar] One of the boars that feed the One-harriers

Elf [channel] The human soul between spirit and dwarf in man

Eli-vigor (ay-lee-vaw-goor) [icicle-waves] Cold streams of matter

Elohim (ello-heem) [gods, Hebrew pl.] Deity as an aggregate of many infinite forces

Fenja (fen-vah) [fen water] One of the giantesses who turn the magic mill Grotte

Fenris, Fenrer Loki's son, werewolf which will devour the sun

Fimbultyr (fim-bul-teer) [fimbul mighty, great + tyr god] The highest divinity, the god of secret wisdom

Fjolsvinn (fyeul-svinn) [fjol very + svinn wise] Odin as instructor and initiator

Flyting [Eng. dial.] Dispute in verse, personal abuse

Fohat [Tib.] Electromagnetic radiation

Forsete (for-set-eh) An Ase: justice, karma

Freke (fray-keh) [gluttony] One of Odin's wolfhounds

Frey (fray) An Ase: planetary spirit of earth; valor

Freya (fray-a) An Asynja: planetary spirit of Venus, protectress of humanity

Frigga [AS frigu love] An Asynja: Odin's consort

Frode (froo-deh) [frodr wise] A legendary king

Frodefrid (froo-deh-freed) [frodr wise + frid peace] Age of peace and wisdom: the golden age

Frost Giant Age of non-life between active lives of a cosmos

Gagnrad (gang-n-rawd) [gagn gainful + rad counsel] Odin in Vaftrudnismal

Galder (gahl-der) Incantation

Ganglare (gong-lay-re) [gang wandering + lare learner] King Gylfe seeking wisdom

Garm The hound that guards the gate of Hel, queen of death

Geirrod (gay-reud) [geir spear + rod red] An early humanity

Gerd (yayrd) A giantess: spouse of Frey

Gere (yay-reh) [greed] One of Odin's wolfhounds

Giant, Giantess Matter vivified by divinity

Gimle (gim-leh) [heavenly abode] A superior shelf of existence

Ginnungagap (yinn-ung-a-gahp) [ginn the void + unge offspring + gap chasm] The mystery of Nonbeing

Gladsheim (glahds-haym) [gladhome] Location of Valhalla

Grimner [disguised] Odin as teacher of the younger Agnar

Groa (groo-a) [growth] A sibyl: the evolutionary past leading up to the present

Grotte (grott-eh) [growth] Magic mill of change, creation, destruction: evolution

Gudasaga (goo-dah-sah-ga) [gud god + saga spell] A divine tale given orally, a god-spell or gospel

Gullveig (gull-vayg) [guld gold + veig drink or thirst] The soul's yearning for wisdom

Gunnlod (gun-leud) Giantess who served mead to Odin in the mountain

Gylfe (yil-veh) A legendary king and seeker of wisdom

Gymer (yi-mayr) A giant: father of Gerd

Hamingja (ha-ming-ya) [fortune] Guardian spirit

Havamal (haw-va-maw) [har high + mal speech] Lay of the High One

Heid (hayd) [heid bright sky] A vala or sibyl: nature's memory of the past

Heidrun (hayd-run) [heidr heath or honor] The goat that nibbles the bark of the Tree of Life

Heimdal (haym-dahl) [heim home + dal dell] "The whitest Ase." Celestial guardian of Bifrost

Hel (hayl) [death] The daughter of Loki, ruler of the kingdom of the dead. She is represented as half blue, half white

Hel's road The path from birth toward death

Hermod (hayr-mood) [herr a host + modr wrath, mood] An Ase: a son of Odin

Hoder (heu-der) [hod war, slaughter] An Ase: blind god of darkness and ignorance; brother of Balder

Honer (heu-ner) One of the creative trinity; the watery principle

Hostage A Vana god among the Aesir: an avatara from a higher to a lower world

Hugin (hoog-in) [hug mind] One of Odin's two ravens

Hvergalmer (vayr-yell-mer) [hverr caldron] Source of the rivers of lives. It rises in Niflheim and waters one root of the Tree of Life

Hymer (hee-mer) The first titan of a life cycle. See Rymer

Idun (ee-dun) An Asynja: "the fruitful spirit" who feeds the gods the apples of immortality; foul of the earth. She is the wife of Brage, poetic inspiration

Ifing (ee-ving) [ef or if doubt] River that separates men from gods

Iormungandr (yer-mung-andr) [jormun immense + andr breath] An offspring of Loki: the Midgard serpent. (May be the equator, the plane of the ecliptic, or the Milky Way)

Ivalde (ee-vahl-deh) A giant: the previous imbodiment of earth

Jarnsaxa (yern-sax-ah) [jarn iron + sax a short sword] An age: mother of Thor's son Magne. On earth the Iron Age, in space one of Heimdal's nine mothers

Kenning A descriptive epithet used in lieu of a name

Kvasir (kvah-seer) A hostage given to the Aesir by the Varier, and whose blood is epic poetry

Li and Laeti (law, lay-tee) Genetic bloodline and distinctive character or appearance

Lidskjalf (leed-shelv) [hlid aligning with, or lid suffering + skjalf shelf] The plane of aid or compassion

Lif and Lifthrasir (leev, leev-trah-seer) [life and survival] Immortal principles

Lin (leen) [lin flax] Frigga, Odin's consort

Loddfafner (lodd-fawv-ner) A dwarf: a learning human soul

Lodur (loo-dur) One of the creative trinity; the fiery principle

Lofar (loo-vahr) [lof hand or praise] Highest member of animal kingdom

Logi (loo-gee) [log flame] Wildfire, the uninspired mind

Lokabrenna [brenna burning] A name for Sirius

Lokasenna [senna banter] Loki's Flyting

Loki [lokka entice, logi light] An Ase of giant stock: the enlightener, dual mind

Lopt [lofty] Aspiring mind

Lorride (lor-ree-deh) Thor as electric power on earth

Magne (mang-neh) [godly power: gravitation?] One of Thor's sons in cosmic space

Mead Drink of the gods: experience of life.

Menglad [men jewel + glad happy] Freya whose jewel is humanity

Menja (men-yah) [men jewel] One of the two giantesses who turn the mill Grotte

Midgard (mid-gawrd) [mid middle + gard court] Our physical planet

Mimameid (mee-mah-mayd) [mima of Mimer + meid tree] The tree of Mimer, owner of the spring of experience

Mimer (mee-mer) [the nine-layered sky] A giant: owner of the well of wisdom from which Odin drinks daily: matter

Mjolnir (myeul-neer) [miller] Thor's hammer of creation and destruction

Mjotudr (myeut-oodr) [mjot measure + udr exhausting] The Tree of Life in its dying phase

Mjotvidr (myeut-veedr) [mjot measure + vid increasing] The Tree of Life in its growing phase

Mode (moo-deh) [godly wrath: radiation?] One of Thor's son in cosmic space

Mundilfore (mun-dill-feu-reh) [akin to mondull handle + fore to fare, move] A giant, father of sun and moon: the "lever" or "axis" that turns the "wheels" in space

Munin (moo-nin) [mind, love, memory] One of Odin's two ravens

Muspellsheim (muss-pells-haym) [muspell fire + heim home] A cosmic principle. See Niflheim

Mysing (mee-sing) A sea-king who conquered Frode

Nagelfar (nahg-el-fahr) [nagel nail + far travel] The ship of death, built of dead men's nails

Nanna Soul of the moon, who died of sorrow when her husband Balder was killed. Predecessor of Idun

Nidhogg (need-heugg) [nid beneath + hogg biter] Serpent undermining Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life

Nidud (nee-dud) [nid beneath, evil] A legendary king: the most material age of earth.

Niflheim (nee-vel-haym) [nifl cloud, nebula + heim home] A cosmic principle. See Muspellsheim

Niflhel (nee-vel-hayl) [nifl cloud, nebula + hel death] Extinction of matter

Niflungar (nee-vel-ung-ahr) [nifl mist + ungar children] An early human race that was still formless, nebulous

Nikar (nee-kahr) [ladler] Odin as bringer of misfortune

Njord (nyeurd) A Vanagod: the regent of Saturn, father of Frey and Freya

Norns [norn weird, doom] Spinners of destiny for gods, worlds, and men

Od, Odr (ood, ood-r) [odr wit, intelligence] The higher human soul, spiritually inspired

Od's maid (Freya) The hamingja or higher self of man

Odin [odr intelligence, wisdom] Allfather: the divine principle in all levels of universal life. Consciousness

Odraerir (ood-reur-er) [od wisdom + raerir rearer] Inspirer of divine wisdom

Ofner (ohv-ner) [opener] Odin at the beginning of a cycle

Okolner (oo-kol-ner) [unfreezing] The "waters" of space

One-harrier Odin's warrior; one who has conquered himself

Orgalmer (eur-yell-mer) [or original] First vibration: the big bang. See Ymer

Ragnarok (rang-na-reuk) [ragna rulers + rok ground] When the ruling deities withdraw to their ground; end of a world's lifetime

Ratatosk (rah-tah-tosk) [rate travel + tosk tusk] Squirrel in the Tree of Life: consciousness

Rate (rah-teh) [a drill] Bored through matter for Odin

Rig (reeg) [descent, involvement] Divine awakening of human mind

Rimgrimner [rim rime + grimner mask] A thurse, giant: cold, utter matter

Rind (rhymes with sinned) Earth in winter or in sleep

Rodung (reud-ung) [rod red + ung child] Father of the early races Agnar and Geirrod in Grimnismal

Ropt, Roptatyr (rop-tah-teer) [ropt maligned + tyr god] Odin as bringer of trials to the soul; the initiator, hierophant

Roskva (reuss-kvah) [vigor] Daughter of Egil and servant of Thor

Runes Wisdom gained by living

Rungner (rung-ner) [loud roar] A giant

Rymer (ree-mer) A giant: end of a life cycle. See Hymer

Saga Spoken or recited instruction in the guise of a story

Sarimner (say-rim-ner) [sar sea + rimner computation, calendar] One of the boars that feed the One-harriers

Sejd (sayd) Prophecy

Sif (seev) [sif affinity, the sanctity of marriage] An Asynja: Thor's wife. Her golden hair is the harvest

Sigyn (seeg-in) Loki's wife

Sindre (sin-dreh) [dross] A dwarf: the vegetable kingdom

Sinmara (sin-mah-ra) Hag who guards the caldron of matter, experience in the underworld

Skade (skah-deh) Sister-wife of Njord, daughter of the giant Tjasse

Skald Bard

Skaldemjod (skal-deh-myeud) [skald poet + mjod mead] Inspiration

Skidbladnir (sheed-blahd-neer) [skid slat + blad leaf] Ship created by dwarfs for Frey. The planet earth

Skirner (sheer-ner) [radiance] Ray of the god Frey, an emissary to the giant world

Sleipnir (slayp-neer) [slider] Odin's eight-legged steed

Surt [fire] Destroyer of worlds; kenning also for Sinmara's drink

Suttung A giant, keeper of the divine mead of wisdom and poetry

Svadilfare (svah-dil-fahreh) [svad slippery + fare travel] A mythical steed, father of Odin's eightlegged Sleipnir

Svafner (svahv-ner) [closer] Odin at the end of a cycle

Svipdag (sveep-dahg) [svip flash + dag day] The successful initiant

Svitjod (sveet-yod) [the cold, the great] Sweden Tables Stars and planets whereat the Aesir feast

Thor [thorr, thonor, thur thunder, consecrator, guileless power] An Ase: god of power, life force, electricity, and of the planet Jupiter. Also called Trudgalmer, Vior, Lorride in different applications

Thurse [dull, stupid] Uninspired matter giant

Ting, Thing [costly articles, inventory] Parliament

Tjalfe (chal-veh) [speed] Son of Egil and servant of Thor

Tjasse (chass-eh) A giant: an earlier life period

Tjodvitner (chod-veet-ner) [tjod tether + vitner witness] Fenris; wolf that fishes for the souls of men

Tomte (tom-teh) [tom empty] Nature sprite, helpful

Troll Nature sprite, mischievous

Trudgalmer (trood-yell-mer) Cosmic Thor

Trym (trim) [noise, battle] A giant: our physical planet Earth

Tund [tinder] A river: time

Tyr (teer) [Ase, god] A divine power, also the regent of Mars. Tyr sacrificed his hand to help bind Fenris

Ull An Ase: the god of a highly spiritual, unmanifest world

Vac or Vach (vahch) [Skt. voice, speech] Hindu first sound. See also Audhumla

Vaftrudnir (vahv-trood-ner) [vaf wrap, weave + thrudr doughty] The weaver of strong webs (of illusion)

Vagtam (vayg-tahm) [vag way + tam wont] Pilgrim

Vala, volva (vah-la, veul-va) [sibyl, prophetess] Indelible record of cosmic life

Vale (vah-leh) A son of Odin

Valhalla [val choice or slain + hall hall] Odin's hall where One-harriers celebrate

Valkyries [val choice or slain + kyrja chooser] Odin's agents

Van, Vanagod, Vanagiant (vahn-a-) Gods superior to the Aesir; unmanifest deities and corresponding giants

Ve, Vi (vay, vee) [awe] Cosmic prototype of Honer

Vidar (vee-dahr) A son of Odin, successor of Balder

Vidofner (veed-awv-ner) [wide opener] Cock in the crown of the Tree of Life

Vigridsslatten (vee-grids-slett-en) [viga consecrate + slatt plain] The battlefield of life

Vile (vee-leh) [will] Cosmic prototype of Lodur

Vingner, Vingthor [winged Thor] Epithets for Thor

Vior (vee-or) Thor as vital force in beings

Volsungar (veul-s-ungar) [volsi phallus + ungr children] Early bisexual humanity

Volund (veu-lund) Name of a mythic Smith and skillful artisan. The soul of the fourth humanity

Voluspa (veu-luss-paw) [vala sibyl + spa to prophesy] Principal lay of the elder Edda

Yggdrasil (ig-dra-seel) [Odin's steed, Odin's gallows] The Tree of Life

Ymer (ee-mer) [frost giant] Orgalmer

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