The Path – December 1887

SONGS OF THE UNSEEN — J. Campbell Ver Planck



When Brahma opes his golden door,
     What ambient shapes of Life and Light,
What radiant tides of Being pour
     With song into the dazzled night!
The winds that fashion worlds take flight,
Glad heralds of the Sons of Might;
And dancing stars trip on before
When Brahma opes his golden door.

When Brahm would close his gates supreme,
     With Life's vast ebb his halls are strown.
Thunders, and powers, and forms that teem,
     Fear to be shut in space alone.
Along the meteoric foam
World after world comes shuddering home.
The last pale hours slip swift between
And Brahm hath closed his gates supreme.



When from mysterious spheres outflows
     A Voice that calls my hidden name,
The world's strong ties like bubbles break
     Against its ancient claim.
"Have I forgot thee? Never!
No Age our bond can sever.
I love thee now, as I have ever,
And ever shall, forever."

In vain my heart seeks earthly homes,
     In vain my thought declares me free.
Those mighty tones sweep o'er my soul,
     And they are one with me.
"Can'st thou forget me? Never!
What power the bond can sever?
Then love? me now, as thou hast ever,
And ever shalt, forever."


When Brahma opes his golden door
Within the soul, rich visions soar:
But desolation reigns, I ween,
When Brahm hath closed that gate Supreme.

The Path