The Path – August 1889

THEOSOPHY — C. Calhoun

Theosophy and its Philosophy include all the philosophies pertaining to all life and existences, material, moral, and spiritual. Mankind as they stand between two eternities — past and future — commencing to think towards eternal principles — must start from where they stand. We can look back, cannot go back; for good or ill, on we must go towards that one eternal ocean of Divine Essence of which all tangible, thinkable things are but a breath; unthought, unthinkable, the one eternal, incomprehensible whole, the That; however expressed inexpressible which we call God, Deus, Jehovah, Allah, Lord, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, OM. The embodiment of the eternal principles. Yet these principles may be divided and subdivided ad infinitum. One God or many Gods, underlying all systems of religious or scientific thought; none wholly right, none wholly wrong, yet upon the whole right, for what is, is right, for it is the legitimate result of a cause, or an eternal chain of causes; positive and negative, objective and subjective; attraction and repulsion, formation and transformation, creation and destruction. Yet in the economy of nature not one atom is lost. Ordination and foreordination, these eternal principles permeate every living, moving thing, each in its degree. "Mean tho' they be, not wholly so, since created by 'That' breath." Even the very insects have these attributes of deity; they are positive and negative, objective and subjective, attract and repel, form and transform, create and destroy, ordain and foreordain.

Will these attributes of Deity be annihilated? In the economy of nature not one atom is lost. This Ego going the eternal rounds of all existences, through its numberless personalities, builds up its individuality, character, Karma. Mankind how fearfully and wonderfully made; looking up, comparative atoms; looking down, Gods. "Know ye not that ye are Gods?", searching out and laying hold of the secret forces of nature, commanding them to obey and serve. This too on the low material plane, and plane succeeding plane in one eternal chain, with our powers, capabilities, and possibilities enlarging and expanding; most wonderful thought.

And as our knowledge and powers enlarge, in just proportion our responsibilities enlarge. "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." Is this not an exemplification of the fable of the fallen angels? Surely in this philosophy there is no profitable room for disputation. It should be considered a privilege to help our fellow creatures. To do another a wrong is to wrong ourselves more. To be just, kind, and charitable is the only evidence of a noble soul. Although but an individual atom in the universe, that individuality is everything to us. Having an existence carries with it the right to exist and a duty to preserve and better that existence. To have the power of thought carries with it the right to think and the responsibilities of these thoughts. Having the power of action carries with it the right and duty to act, with its attendant responsibilities. Neglect of duty is a crime. Knowledge and power, void of responsibilities, lead to conflict and confusion, misery and destruction. For good or evil this is Karma. But the most important thought of all to bear in mind is, strict honesty of purpose. Be just in all things, get knowledge and understanding, learn to discriminate. The power of discrimination also carries with it its duties and responsibilities. All actions bring with them their natural and legitimate results, hence the necessity to act honestly and wisely. Cultivate the gift of appreciation; learn to appreciate the sublime, the beautiful, the noble and useful; with appreciation there is no value. Despise not little things.

The moral law is the great governing force of the universe; it demands the most intelligent action with the strictest justice without the least jot or tittle of allowance. All natural or divine laws are necessary to our existence, consequently blessings. All laws must carry with them their penalties, or they are null and void, therefore these laws with their penalties are blessings. Sin is the violation of laws or the abuse of blessings; the greater the blessing, more subject it is to the greatest abuse. Everything must be considered in degree, for these laws or principles being eternal, must hold good through the eternal planes of existence. All things exist from necessity; this being true, we must always have had an existence somewhere in the eternal chain of existences in the past, and necessarily must continue to exist somewhere in the eternal chain of planes of existences in the future and return to that eternal ocean of Divine Essence from whence we emanate.

The Path