The Path – December 1889

THE WHEEL OF THE LAW — J. Campbell Ver Planck

When the great King of Glory saw
The heavenly treasure of The Wheel;
The living splendors of the Law
Which all its blazing spokes reveal,
     He stood, as one
     With awe struck dumb;
Then reverently bent his head
And, sprinkling it with water, said;
"Roll onward; oh, my Lord the Wheel!
My Lord! Go forth and overcome."
Roll onward! Worlds shall come and go;
Races arise, and so depart;
The forces ebb, the forces flow
And Thou alone unchanging art.
     Within thy thrall
     The cycles fall
Till, in the dark and central Space
My Lord shall veil his glorious face.
"Roll onward; oh, my Lord the Wheel.
My Lord! Go forth and conquer all."

The Path