The Path – January 1891


(From p. 1 to p. 67, Vol. I.)

A PROPHECY. In the 20th century — 1900 — the scholars of our era will begin to recognize that the Secret Doctrine has neither been invented nor exaggerated, but simply outlined — Vol. 1, p. xxxvii Intro. In other places the author hints at surprises in store in the way of manuscripts, etc. It would seem that by 1900 some "discoveries" will be made by scholars that will support our author. "Once the door permitted to be kept a little ajar, it will be opened wider with every new century. The times are ripe for a more serious knowledge than hitherto permitted." Vol. I, p. xxxviii Intro, note. "We have not long to wait, and many of us will witness the Dawn of the New Cycle at the end of which not a few accounts will be settled and squared between the two races." V. I, Intro, xliv.

AN ARCHAIC MANUSCRIPT. Some of the doctrines given out are found by her in a collection of palm-leaves made impervious to the elements by some unknown process, Proem V. I, p. 1. It is well known that some of the most ancient eastern manuscripts are on palm-leaves which are cut in oblong, narrow form and tied with a string. How is this seen by her? Either in the astral light or objectively, being brought to her table. By whom or what?

CONTINUITY OF PLAN FROM ONE MANVANTARA TO ANOTHER. In this old MS. it is said (Proem) that during the pralaya the plan for the next manvantara slumbers until the dawn of the next evolution, when its potential power goes forth to action. There is, therefore, a continuity from manvantara through pralaya to succeeding manvantara. Continued on pp. 4 and 5 of V. I.

THE BASIS OF AFFINITY, hence for all correlations of force. It is stated that Leucippus taught an occult law when he declared, 500 B. C., that the lateral motion of atoms is the root for affinity and correlation of force. p. 2, V. I.

EACH PERIOD OF EVOLUTION IS sui generis. "Yet at each new manvantara its organization — speaking of the cosmos — may be regarded as the first and the last of its kind, as it evolutes every time on a higher plane." V. I, p. 3.

A NEW ELEMENT AT THE END OF OUR 4th ROUND. "Occult science recognizes seven cosmic elements, four entirely physical, the fifth — ether — semi-material, as it will become visible in the air toward the end of our 4th round, to reign supreme over the others during the whole of the 5th Round." Vol. I, p. 14.

AKAS AND MANAS CORRESPOND. See note p. 13, Vol.1. "That A'kas-a, the fifth universal cosmic principle — to which corresponds and from which proceeds human Manas — is, cosmically, a radiant, cool, diathermal, plastic matter, creative in its physical nature, correlative in its grossest aspects and portions, immutable in its higher principles." It must therefore follow, under the law of correspondences, that manas in the seven-fold division is creative, correlative, and immutable in the same way and portions as stated for Akasa.

MANAS IN THE 5th ROUND. By following out the correspondence we find that as Ether, the lower form of Akas, now semi-material, will become visible in the air at the end of this Round — the 4th — so manas, now only semi-developed in this race, will be further evolved in the 5th Round at the same time with the parent source, and as the form of Ether spoken of will then be the superior element in nature, so at the same time the superior principle reigning in the septenary constitution of man will be manas. The full development of manas imposes full responsibility on the race, and thus we see how the turning point is reached and what it may mean, and also what is the meaning of the "moment of Choice". With full responsibility the choice must be made by the race which thus has perfect manas. It is for and towards that period that the Masters of Wisdom are now working so as to prepare the present Egos for the momentous days when the choice of the good or evil path must be intelligently made.

And as in many places in the Secret Doctrine the author says that we are the same egos who were in the Atlantean bodies, and that they had a very weighty karma, we may perceive why it is that we are those who will be compelled to make the great choice for good or evil destiny in the next Round.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EFFECT OF GREAT AND MINOR PRALAYA. The question "What happens to the planets during a minor pralaya or dissolution?" is answered in footnote p. 18, V. I. They are dead, as it were, but not dissolved, for, as she says, "they remain intact as a huge animal caught and imbedded in the polar ice remains the same for ages." After the great Pralaya no planets remain in corporibus, but all are dissolved, their akasic "photographs" alone remaining. This must be taken metaphorically, or else we will again make objective, that which is subjective. But in a minor pralaya the "dead planets" are objective in space, but with all their active life and energy gone.

DHYAN CHOHANS NOT THE ONLY TERM FOR THE HIGHEST BEINGS. "Each of the various groups has its own designation in the Secret Doctrine." V. I., p. 22, lines 8, 9. Nor are they personifications of powers in nature. Vol. I, p. 38, line 18.

EACH ROUND has its special class of Dhyanis to watch over it. The same for races, p. 42, Vol. I (a). The present round is watched especially by the Fourth Class of Dhyanis.

THE ABSOLUTE NOT UNDERSTOOD by the Dhyan Chohans. p.51, Vol. I, line 16. And yet some theosophists ask to have definitions or explanations of the Absolute. We heard of one who claimed to have "communed with the Absolute."

THE BREATH OF BRAHMA. This may be said to be the same as "The Eternal Breath" spoken of in the Secret Doctrine. It is motion, and proceeds through space ceaselessly. It does not stop during the pralayas. p. 55, vol. I, line11.

IDEALS AND TYPES IN THE ASTRAL LIGHT. The prototype is present in an ideal form in the Astral Light from dawn to night during the manvantaric period — everything from man to mite, from giant trees down to the tiniest blade of grass, p. 63, vol. I, 1st para. There is a clear correspondence here with the formation of the astral man, which is the copy, plan, or prototype on which the corporeal man is formed.

THE PRIMORDIAL FORM of every manifested thing is like that of an egg. p. 65, vol. I. A paramahansa once wrote for the Theosophist an article in which he said that theosophy was that Branch of Masonry which showed the universe in the form of an egg.

THE VERBUM, OR WORD, AND ITS FORCE. All religions speak of "the Word." The Jews, from whom the Christians get their religion, say that the all-powerful name of God if pronounced will shake the Universe; the Freemasons speak of the lost word; the Hindus tell of the great word; it is the Greek logos. The question is often raised, "Supposing there be such a word, wherein is its force?" H. P. B. says it is in motion and not in number. Note I, p. 67, vol. I. The Hebrew Kaballah leans more to number, as being the force of power of this word.

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