The Path – February 1891


(From p. 128 top. 160 Vol. I.)

NIRMANAKAYAS. First reference to these on p. 132, note, where they are called "the surviving spiritual principles of men", and in the text they are those who reincarnate for the good of the world if they choose.

ELECTRICITY AGAIN is mentioned as Life, p. 137, 4th line; also p. 139, line 17; also a form of " Fohat"; also p. 145, (b).

ETHER only partially manifested, and not to be fully so until the 5th round, p. 140.

THAT ENTITIES ARE CONSTITUTED of many units, each an entity. Thus that " Fohat", elsewhere called "an Entity", is not one undivided entity but is made up of others; and that there are as many Fohats are there are worlds. Note 2, p. 143, and p. 145 (b).

ELIXIR OF LIFE. A hint thereupon. Note 2, p. 144.

ELEMENTALS CONCERNED in all forces, e. g. that electricity, magnet-ism, cohesion, and the like are made up of elementals. These, of course, are not all of one class, but of several, p. 146. Near the end of this page it is inferentially stated that elementals are generated in millions by other beings. This must be, in fact, a transforming process in the atoms. By refering to p. 143 a broad hint will be found as to this in the remarks upon the "fate of an atom" once caught into any world sphere, and the means of getting out through "a current of efflux". Is this efflux through the transforming being?

THE MOON. In what sense dead? Only as to her inner principles Her physical principles are not dead, but have a certain activity, p. 149, note 1. And her spiritual principles have been transferred to this earth, p. 155, note, and p. 156, line 6.

DISAPPEARANCE OF THE MOON will have occurred before this earth has passed through her 7th human round, p. 155 note.

ARCHETYPAL MAN ON GLOBE A. p. 159, last para. Here is a most interesting hint not often referred to and opening up a vista of thought. In the 1st round of the monads in this chain of planets, the monads from the preceding chain of words — say the moon's chain — become human beings on Globe A. But in the 2d round the process alters, and it is in the 4th round that man appears on this earth, the 4th Globe. To quote: "on globe A man rebecomes a mineral, a plant, an animal, on globe B., C, etc. The process changes entirely from the 2d round, but —" This abruptness is to give the hint to intuitional investigators, and opens up as great a problem as the 8th sphere seemed once to be and still perhaps is. But we may ask if on Globe A — unseen by us — the archetypal process does not obtain?


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