The Path – June 1891


From p. 184 to p. 192, Vol. I.)

THE IMPULSE OF EVOLUTION is found in the force of the spiritual breath. It is not to be supposed because "human monads" cease to come into this chain of globes that therefore there is no impulse. The term "human monad" means that monad which having been through all lower experiences is fitted to inform the so-far perfected human body.

MAN FIRST IN THE 4TH ROUND p. 187. The flow of human monads is at an end, except that those still incarcerated in the anthropoids have yet to come in. Full blown — or rather those that have been through all lower experiences — must proceed in their order through the strictly human evolution. The necessities of evolution demand this, and the turning point is reached in the fourth round which represents the square figure or number, and all monads in the lower kingdoms have to go on with the work of evolution in those until the next manvantara. At that time the monads now in human forms will have progressed beyond, thus leaving room for those below to come up higher.

OUR NATURES FROM WHAT. p. 189. In the note it is distinctly pointed out that the quotation from Shakespeare about our natures being marvellously mixed refers to the part which the Hierarchies of progressed souls throughout the system to which this globe belongs play in giving us our different combinations.

CORRESPONDENCE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION with the nebular evolution and condensation is to be found on these last lines of p. 191: "as the solid earth began by being a ball of liquid fire, of fiery dust, and its protophasmic phamtom, so did man."

ORIGIN OF WHITE AND BLACK MAGIC. See note on p. 192, where it is stated that at the highest point of development of the Atlantean Race — the fourth — the separation into right and left-hand magic, or consciously good and evil thoughts, took place. Under the action of Karmic law and by the reincarnation over and over again of those engaged in these thoughts, the thoughts were preserved in the realm of mind in the double form of mental deposits and astral impressions. The mental deposits were brought back again and again to earth life, and the astral impressions affected all others who came under their influence. In this way not only were seeds sown in individual minds through their own thoughts, but a vast reservoir of good and bad impressions or pictures has been created in the ethereal medium about us by which sensitive persons are impelled to good and bad acts. And all repetitions of evil thoughts have added to the stock of evil thus remaining to affect and afflict mankind. But as the good also remains, the earnest friends of mankind are able to produce good effects and impressions which in their turn are added to the sum of good. There need be no feeling of injustice on the ground that sensitive persons are affected by evil pictures in the astral light, because such possibility of being thus impressed could not have arisen except through sympathetic attractions for them set up in former lives.

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