The Path – July 1891


The motto of the faithful student should be: "SOLIDARITY at any cost."

For when in the impersonal he sinks the personal:

When to the union of the many he subordinates the limitations of the few:

When for the centralizing instinct of the personality, he substitutes the centrifugal intuition of the individuality:

When, with Thought fixed upon the homogeneity of all, he has forgotten the attractions of his separated mind:-

When, regarding his lodge as one body and his fellow students as each necessary to the functions of that body, he cares for the right thought and right action of each unit as if it were himself:

Then he has mounted the first step of that ladder which leads to the Eternal, and has entered upon the fulfilment of the saying:

"Tis from the bud of Renunciation of the Self that springeth the sweet fruit of final Liberation."

Learning thenceforward to look upon his lodge, not as a thing physical and separate, but as an entity existing in the spiritual world only by virtue of its perfect unity, he regards thought as the essential condition from which all right action and true Being proceed, and purifying his mind he realizes that as the real battle-ground whereupon he and his comrades must succeed or fail.

The Path