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The Great Discovery by Katherine Tingley

By Katherine Tingley

There is a great discovery which each must make for himself; that human nature is dual and that a battle is ever going on between the Higher Self and the lower, the angel and the demon in man.

"Man, Know Thyself!" that is the key to the whole situation. Let man take the first step boldly in honest self-examination, with a daring that stops before nothing that may impede his path and he will find the secret of living. These two forces, the physical dominated by the spiritual, the mind illuminated by treasures of truth and inspiration from the Higher Self, working together will bring about results that are unbelievable.

The ancient plea is for man to reach out in recognition to the Divinity within. For this Divinity, is ever waiting to be recognized, ever ready to help and serve that it may bring the whole nature of man to its standard of godlike perfection.

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