Like the River

Nelia L. Conrad

A river does not exert effort. It merely flows, letting its life-giving waters pour out to refresh the thirsty land that it may bring forth its fruits in their season.

So it is with the Child of Light. Attuned to his Creator, he releases the flow of the Spirit within, blessing each one whom he touches, reviving and quickening his brother's life.

When the command was given: "Let there be Light," the darkness fled and Light took its rightful place in the Universe. Life with its growth was brought into being to beautify the earth and make it fruitful.

Let! Could we but comprehend the significance, our lives, too, would flow as the river, pouring out to each according to his need, as the river waters the growing grasses along its banks.

As yet, mortal man but dimly realizes that he is a channel through which the waters of the Spirit may stream. He feels he himself must be always doing, instead of allowing these healing streams to pass through him and out to all whom he contacts as he senses their need.

If he follows his own inner guidance his soul will tell him how the service is to be proffered. Like the river, let each life press on, fulfilling its destiny until it finally reaches the Great Ocean, its purpose accomplished.

(From Sunrise magazine, April 1954; copyright © 1954 Theosophical University Press)

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