Waves and Vibrations: Thoughts on Electromagnetic Energies

Ad J. van Dijk

Amateur radio operators make use of the special properties of electromagnetic waves. These vibrations are invisible to us and propagate through space, many traveling an immense distance through the cosmos. The fascinating thing is that others can receive these signals if they tune their radio to the right frequency. If they tune it wrongly, the vibrations will seem nonexistent, inaudible and undetected. Such vibrations are reminiscent of the hidden wisdom to be found in theos­ophy, in that such ideas can only be understood if our intuition is properly tuned. If this is not the case, the ideas remain beyond our grasp. A different truth may then exist for us — or are certain facts simply unknowable? Does that mean they don’t exist?

In several places in The Secret Doctrine Helena Petrovna Blavatsky describes how electricity, magnetism, and gravity form an essential part of occult forces. We discover there that a great deal is currently concealed from us. Of course, new findings are constantly emerging in the sciences. Not long ago researchers at IBM were able to observe the tiniest piece of matter — an individual electron. They used a new technique, ten million times more accurate than the magnetic resonance of a hospital scanner. In this way another very small bit of the world has been unveiled, which previously we knew of only in theory. Remarkably, various scientific observations imply that less than five percent of our universe consists of ordinary atomic matter, while the rest of it is unobservable.

Esoterically, we find the sun fascinating as the giver of light and spiritual life. But intellectually, too, we want to know how the sun works and why it exercises such a powerful influence on our daily lives and climate. Research has revealed that starquakes make the whole solar sphere vibrate and cause plasma jets at its surface. Though these jets shoot up over 5,000 kilometers, they are less than 500 kilometers in diameter and last for only five minutes. There are about 100,000 of them active at any time. Such jets are “connected with enormous sound waves at the sun’s surface which have the same five-minute periodicity” (NRC Handelsblad, July 31, 2004). When we consider that a radio uses frequencies of a tiny fraction of a millisecond, five minutes is truly gigantic!

We owe a great deal to radio and other electromagnetic waves: life-saving communications systems, remote controls, and medical techniques that enable doctors to look into the body and make diagnoses. While it is becoming more widely known that overexposure to different kinds of radiation is harmful, some researchers are exploring ways to use electromagnetic waves to kill viruses and stop infections. They hold that because every living being, however small, has its own frequency, we can eliminate or damage bacteria active in our bodies by exposing them to their particular frequency. Research into electromagnetic waves is also uncovering how living particles communicate with one another. Clearly, our body has many hidden communication systems.

In The Field, journalist Lynne McTaggart writes about scientists at respected universities who are researching the outer limits of what is considered scientifically acceptable in many fields. More or less by accident they seem to have discovered an ocean of vibrations which seems to connect everything with everything else in the universe — the Zero Point Field, a sort of invisible network. The book puts forward a theory that encompasses the workings of DNA, inter-cellular communication, homeopathy, and paranormal phenomena. It asserts that, in general, modern science assumes the following to be true:

After a great deal of far-reaching research, other scientists have come to conclusions at variance with many orthodox scientific ideas:

Unfortunately, scientists and others who deviate from well-trodden paths are too often refused an unprejudiced hearing.

In The Secret Doctrine we read that every thought is an elemental being. A living thought is received somewhere and triggers a process according to its content. Reasoning further, we could say that everything is interconnected but that the vibrations differ. Everything is in everything and is part of ourselves and the surrounding cosmos. Every human, every animal, every unicellular organism, every star, plant, and atom is part of a single whole. If something vibrates on earth, it affects the moon, sun, and all the visible and invisible places in our entire universe. It is fascinating that the sun, our cells, DNA, and human thoughts may be forms of vibration that communicate cyclically. All these waves can contain one another’s message independently.

In daily life and thought, whether and when the right message is received for a specific situation is a question of attunement, rather like the radio that we tune to the information we want to hear. It is becoming more obvious that if we put out a thought, there is always someone who “tunes” in on it, internally vibrating in synchrony with that frequency. One thing is clear: once transmitted, there is no calling a thought or feeling back. The Secret Doctrine holds that many of us, in our current stage of development, can discover only a fraction of the occult forces and truths simply because we cannot at present conceive of the reality they represent.

Looking further, we see that all existence is cyclical, as is evident in human and material life as well as in electromagnetic vibrations. Unfolding consciousness achieves evolutionary development in a cyclic process of spiritual influx into matter and vice versa. We can mold thoughts and, in time, become whoever we want: as Plato said, “Ideas rule the world.” Electromagnetic waves arise, for example, from transmitters made up of electronics consisting of basic elements such as metals and chemical reactions. Through the transmission of these waves, ideas can be disseminated by radio, television, and computers; on a larger scale, waves from the sun enable us to live here on earth.

The sum total of all “isolated” physical facts will never form the real world; the world as science understands it remains a world of illusion. Ultimately we need to be a devoted mystic, insensitive to our own pain but full of love and compassion for suffering humanity, in order to receive the wisdom that nature reveals. Despite the pain, such a mystic wants to incarnate again and again, willing to suffer incomprehension and the blows of terrestrial life in order to help humanity. H. P. Blavatsky described the situation in her Voice of the Silence:

Help Nature and work on with her; and Nature will regard thee as one of her creators and make obeisance.

And she will open wide before thee the portals of her secret chambers, lay bare before thy gaze the treasures hidden in the very depths of her pure virgin bosom. Unsullied by the hand of matter she shows her treasures only to the eye of Spirit — the eye which never closes, the eye for which there is no veil in all her kingdoms.

Then will she show thee the means and way, the first gate and the second, the third, up to the very seventh. And then, the goal — beyond which lie, bathed in the sunlight of the Spirit, glories untold, unseen by any save the eye of Soul. — pp. 14-15

These mystical words underscore the fact that everything, both now and in the future, is in every conceivable place, and everything is in us. What a profound thought: that we ourselves are able to transmit these universal ideas, knowing that they, too, will never be lost. We are all challenged to harbor positive thoughts as far as possible, and to spread them and inspire others to “tune” into the hidden wisdom vibrating all around us.

Out of the teachings common to all religions and philosophies, none is more precious than the sublime concept of love. Universal love, a higher form, goes beyond the personal and rises into a scope of consciousness having the power to create a new life, not only for oneself but for the entire community.

When the mind lifts and focuses on love for all things, it is stilled, it is at peace. It can no longer harm, whether by thought, word, or act, for there is no longer a personal ego to fight and struggle against life. When love fills the heart, all troubles lose their power to inflict pain and fear. For what is not resisted, yet worked with, simply dissolves away.

(From Sunrise magazine, Winter 2007; copyright © 2006 Theosophical University Press)

No one needs to go anywhere, or read anything, to know this essential truth taught by every great teacher. How much more does suffering humanity need to experience before this simple thought takes root and grows? Let us all seek within ourselves this higher form of love that can help lighten the load of this very weary world. — Doreen Melbrod

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