Theosophy – January 1897


The truest happiness is to be found in the deep interior study of the great mysteries of nature and life, seeking thus to find the best manner in which the soul may express itself, and in a constant fulfilment of this manner of expression when found. If they can be taught to see and feel this, and the true meaning of it, the work is done. Labor therefore faithfully to accomplish this in yourself, for we can teach others only what we ourselves know, and this knowledge is one with experience. The divine light burns for all; take your part of it, and illuminating first your own heart the power will then be yours to illumine others. Remember, words are not needed. In the silence these things are done. Those in whose midst you may live, quiet and unknown, will have the radiance cast upon them merely by your presence. It is not what you say and do, but what you are that tells, and that will leave its ineffaceable mark upon each character you meet as upon all time. The Soul desires to express itself in its reflection, your life. So live that it may do so. So think and act that you may become a channel for higher things to descend to the lower planes. * * *


Meditate on things you want to know. * * * Seek all knowledge within yourself, do not go without. You understand what is meant by this; not that books should be neglected, but that information obtained from them should be drawn within, sifted, tested there. Study all things, in this light and the most physical will at the same time lead to the most spiritual knowledge.


Duty is not an ogre but an angel. How few understand this. Most confuse it as they do conscience.


Sorrows, crosses, these are our opportunities could we but see it so. But he is far along who does so see it. He has attained who fully realizes it.


The Lodge force working in a pure devoted heart sets free the soul and lets it speak. The eternal verities resound for ever upon the spiritual planes and when the mind is pure and will hearken, the soul echoes them.


What of the darkness! What of the light! They are one to those who see. How plain these matters are in higher moments, how drearily obscure at other times. This will show you the value of higher moments perhaps, and what those always living in them enjoy.

Be what you love. Strive after what you find beautiful and high and let the rest go. Harmony, sacrifice, devotion, take these for key-notes, express them everywhere and in the highest possible way. The beauty of a life like that, the power of it, who can measure or set bounds to.


Can you not live so as to feel the great throbbing heart around you, so as to express that feeling in even the smallest detail? Let there be nothing cold or cynical in your view of life. Sense the pathos and the pity of it, trusting that some day to your now darkened eyes the mystery and the pain will be untangled. Feel, feel, with everything that cries, with everything that suffers, and in even the most broken fragment of a life, find some beauty. Let your own quivering heartstrings teach you the anguish in other hearts and live to ease it. Pain is our best teacher. Do not dread nor flee her therefore, she comes in mercy. Go forth to meet her, trembling perhaps, but reverently, patiently, unflinching; only so can the lesson be learned, and from the dark hours spent with her a light shall arise, showing the way to stumbling feet, giving the power to comfort and console. And in the peace of that your heart shall understand and be satisfied.


How much mis-interpretation and mis-understanding there is regarding these things, and by the most enthusiastic, the most devoted souls, whose emotional intensity driving them along, blinds them utterly, and in the full chase of new experiences they see not that they are following only their own desires, and again losing the substance for the shadow. It is discouraging, and yet the forces thus generated can be used for higher ends, and the good intention of the deluded one counts for him. But remember, O disciple, that in the silence these things are performed and recognized and in the silence alone. Few indeed understand how complete that silence must be, few save those who have at some time known the peace of it. All excitement is psychic, and though these whirlwinds of force descend, you must learn to hold yourself still in their midst, feeling neither attraction nor repulsion, else chains are forged to draw you to them. There are some who need this lesson badly, all more or less. * * * The great force acts dually and you must stand still, not passive or inactive but unswayed. You must learn to take psychic emotions in hand as well as physical. * * *

Hold your purpose and your ideals clearly and steadily before you. Desiring truth you shall surely have it, intending righteousness you shall surely so perform though all things seem to conspire against you. In times of confusion and difficulty rest upon that and you may then unshaken see no agreement, no light ahead. * * *


I measure the height not merely the depth of a soul by its stillness.