The Theosophist

A Monthly Journal Devoted to Oriental Philosophy, Art, Literature and Occultism: Embracing Mesmerism, Spiritualism, and Other Secret Sciences

Conducted by H. P. Blavatsky

Volume 1: October 1879 - September 1880

Originally published in Bombay, 1879-1880. Theosophical University Press electronic version ISBN 1-55700-161-8. For ease of searching, no diacritical marks appear in this electronic version of the text.

Table of Contents

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October 1879 (1:1)

What is Theosophy?
What are the Theosophists?
The Drift of Western Spiritualism
Antiquity of the Vedas
Autobiography of Dayanund Saraswati Swami
The Learning among Indian Ladies
Brahma, Iswara and Maya
Pandit Bala Sastri's Views
The Inner God
Persian Zoroastianism and Russian Vandalism
The Light of Asia
The Works of Hindu Religion and Philosophy mentioned in the Brahma Yojna
"A Great Man"
Aryan Trigonometry
Technical Education
A World Without a Woman.
The Magnetic Chain
Magnetism in Ancient China
Spiritualism at Simla
Vidya Yoga
Food for the Starving
Our Buddhist Brothers
To Subscribers


November 1879 (1:2)

Special Notices
To Subscribers
[Miscellaneous Matter]
Buddhistic Exegesis
A Thunder Cloud with Silver Lining
Cross and Fire
The Man-show at Moscow
Aryan Music
The Society's Bulletin
War in Olympus
The Ruin of India
The Nature and Office of Buddha's Religion
The Law of the Lord Sakkya Muni
Arya Prakash: Yoga Vidya
Hints to the Student of Yoga Vidya
Hindu Music
The Veda, the Origin and History of Religion
The Brahmachari Bawa
The Indian Forest Question.
Gary's Magnetic Motor


December 1879 (1:3)

Special Notices
Miscellaneous Notes
Christmas Then and Christmas Now
The Popular Idea of Soul-survival
Lieutenant-Colonel St. Antony
Ancient opinions upon Psychic Bodies
Indian Juggling
A Chapter on Jainism
The Society's Bulletin
The Autobiography of Dayanand Saraswati Swami
Hindu Ideas about Communion with the Dead
The Veda, the Origin and History of Religion
Soundings in the Ocean of Aryan Literature
Sankaracharaya, Philosopher and Mystic
The Phantom Dog
East Indian Materia Medica
A Strange Revery
An Old Book and a New One
Nocturnal Thoughts
Book and Pamphlets received.


 January 1880 (1:4)

Yoga Vidya
Yoga Philosophy
Brahma, Iswara and Maya
The Swami of Akalkot
Badrinath, the Mysterious
The Forest Question
A Theosophical Jubilee
The Ensouled Violin
Swami versus Missionary
Missions in India
Machine Telegraphy
The Edison Telephone
Nature Worship
Necromancy . . .
The Devil is Dead


 February 1880 (1:5)

Special Notices
[Short Editorial Notices]
The Brethren of the Rosy Cross
Our Duty to India
Lo! The "Poor Missionary"
An Indian Patriot's Prayer
English Ghost Stories
East Indian Materia Medica
The Baron du Potet, Hon. F. T. S
Hassan Khan "Djinni "
Zoroastrianism and Theosophy
An Indian Aethrobat
The Nature and Office of Buddha's Religion
A Case of Genuine Hindu Mediumship
A Great Light under a Bushel
Magnetic Prescience
A Musalman Abdal (Yogi.)
The Mystic Syllable Onkara: its Meaning, Antiquity, and Universal Application
Miscellaneous Short Items


March 1880 (1:6)

Miscellaneous Editorials
A Medal of Honor
Visitors from Shadow-Land
True and False Personality
Swami versus Missionary
The Dnyaneshvari
How Best to Become a Theosophist
The Buddhist Idea about Soul
A Jewel in the Old Rubbish
The Madras Yogi Sabhapaty Swami
The Society's Fourth Anniversary
Our "American" Pandit"
Shraddha and Pinda
A Turkish Effendi on Christendom and Islam
The Aryan Revival
The Vedant Darsana
A Land of Mystery
Puzzles for the Philologists
Which First — The Egg or the Bird?
Cup-Mark Inscriptions


April 1880 (1:7)

A Medal of Honor
The Silent Brother
East Indian Materia Medica
Hindu or Arya
A Land of Mystery
Tantric Philosophy
Hints to the Students of Yog Vidya
Brahmoism vs Hinduism
A Haunted Castle in the Nineteenth Century
The Office of Religion
The Theosophical Society or Universal Brotherhood
The State of Christianity
Kaliya Mardana or the Crushing of Kaliya
Another Aethrobat
The Mind is Material
Ode to India
Physiology of Marriage
Cremation in America
A Personal Statement of Religious Belief
Cock and Bull

May 1880 (1:8)

A Medal of Honor
A New Prophet in India
A Parsi Ascetic
Castes in India
Spiritualism & Theosophy
Real Buddhism — Kamma
The Silent Brother
The Children of the Sun
The Vedanta Philosophy
Journalist vs. Missionary
The Life of Sankaracharya, Philosopher and Mystic
A Prisoner Feigning Death
Soundings in the Ocean of Aryan Literature
Puzzles for the Philologists.
A Case of Obsession
Welcome Theosophy!
The Buddhist Idea about the Soul
The "Hindu or Arya" Question
The Nature and Office of Buddha's Religion
The Jain View of Om
The Poona, Exhibition, 1880
How best to become a Theosophist
Mr. Whitworth's Gauntlet. . .
The Theosophical Society

June 1880 (1:9)

The Grip of a Friend
A Mystery of Magnetism
Official Despatches from the
American Government
The Revival of Mesmerism
Should we call ourselves Aryas
A Modern Seer of Vision
A Land of Mystery
London Calls for Buddhist Missionaries
Dissolved Soul
A People's Monthly
Long Life
The Drama of Raja Mana and his Wives
The Christian Art of War
The Bewitched Mirror
The Number Seven
What the West Expects
On the Jain Notion of the Creator
Improvement in Indian Agriculture
Some Things the Aryans knew
East Indian Materia Medica
A Buddhist Family or Village
Religious Life in India
The Theosophical Society

 July 1880 (1:10)

Miscellaneous Editorials
The Theory of Cycles
A Glimpse of Tantrik Occultism
Spectre Guide
Synopsis of the Aryan Literature
Some Things that Aryans Knew
Philosophy in Sanskrit Names and Words
The Word of Honour
A Study in Vegetarianism
Soundings in the Ocean of Aryan Literature
Mysterious Stone-Throwing at Plumstend
The Mind is Material
The Spiritual Commandments
The Prarthana Samaj vs. Christianity
Brahmoism vs. Hinduism
Agni-hotra Philosophy
The Hindu or Arya Question
Our Delegates in Ceylon

August 1880 (1:11)

Miscellaneous Editorials
Our Second Year
Fruits of the Ceylon Mission
The Occult Sciences
East Indian Materia Medica
The Zoroastrian Religion as represented by Martin Haug
"Spirit" Pranks Intra Caucasus
The Gesture-Speech of Mankind
The Study of Theosophy
Light from the Missionaries Wanted
A Land of Mystery
Notes on " A Land of Mystery "
The Hindu Bengal
A Buddhist Mission to the United States
Testing the Bewitched Mirror Theory
Sobs, Sods and Posies
A Buddhist Hymn
One Theosophist's View of Man's Position and Prospects
Health of the Eyes
The Vedanta Philosophy
The Theosophists
Solar volcanoes, or Spots upon the Sun
The Theosophists in Ceylon 

  September 1880 (1:12)

Miscellaneous Editorials
Our Second Year
The Spread of Buddhism in Western Countries
Address of the President of the Ionian Theosophical Branch at Corfu
Inaugural Address before the Bombay Theosophical Society
A Wooden God
The Medal of Honor.
Nanga Baba of Gwalier
Puzzles for the Philologists
Russian Superstitions
The Decadence of Protestant Christianity
Notes on the Beej Mantras.
Stone-throwing "Spirits"
Number Seven and our Society
A Treatice on the Yoga Philosophy
How They Fast in India
Official Report upon a Scorpion Poison Antidote
Dr. Tanner and the Vedic Doctrine about Fasts 

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