Universal Brotherhood – May 1898


Upon whatever scale other universes may be built the one to which we belong is, we are taught, built upon a sevenfold division and it has been pointed out, that all things, with which we have to do, may be studied from these sevenfold aspects. Not that there are hard and fast divisions that can be separated each from the other, for this is not the case. The sum total of the seven is a unity and always remains a unity, so long as it exists, but this unity manifests, or expresses itself, in a sevenfold manner.

If we look with sufficient care we shall find that all organisms, or organizations of any character, reflect this sevenfold division which in Theosophical parlance are termed — Physical Body, Astral Double Kama, etc., etc., and we can always pretty fairly judge of the progress of any organism, or organization, in its development, by noting which of its seven principles is the dominating one.

Thus a Society, such as the Theosophical Society, may be divided into The Body, which will be represented by the whole membership; The Astral or Design Body is represented by the tendencies of the Branches and Lodges, which constitute the organs of sensation, as it were, while the kind of vitality these manifest will represent the Prana or Life Energies of the whole.

The Kama Rupa, or Desire Body, will be made up of the passions and desires of those whose efforts are all of a personal tendency, and which are mainly devoted to maintaining the particular form to which they are attached, and who desire to retain the forces of the whole, chiefly in the principle they represent.

A few of these will constitute the Kama Manasic element of the organization, for they will be more advanced intellectually, using their reasoning powers for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Society as a society merely, and in order to exploit their own superior mental powers. Their great forte is "an appeal to reason" alone and as unfortunately their reasoning begins from a personal Kama-Manasic, or Kama Rupic bias, it generally leads them astray unless, in a moment of (lower) self-forgetfulness they gain light from a higher principle that enables them to "reason aright."

If now we apply all the above to the Theosophical Society, we shall see that those who today, and always have, constituted the true Divine-Wisdom Society, are they who care more for the whole than a part.

They seek to guide the growth of the Society in harmony with the spirit that pervades the whole, and provide means whereby the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom may spread through and irradiate the whole organization, and when any organism or organization — for both are the same — has arrived at thus point, Intuition begins to speak.

The doubting, debating Manas having come to a point where it recognizes its limitations and the necessity for something beyond its mere reasoning faculty to take charge, if the organization is ever to become anything more than a reasoning animal; the "doubting manas" having reached this stage, it begins to look and listen for the "illuminating Buddhi." The Buddhi has been there ready to act and control all the time, but the "doubting manas," attentive to its fair process of putting two and two together and as often making them five as four, has practically ignored the light of Buddhi — Intuition — until, trouble and distress, teaching it the true value of its lower power, it looks above for a higher, surer light, in whose illumination doubting manas can throw aside its doubts and, led by the clear, pure, bright light of Buddhi — Intuition — follow and act its part. So the true T. S. has, by experience, attained to the point where the Intuitive Faculty can act and take control of the organization, so that with unfaltering steps it can follow out, by reason, subordinated to Intuition, the plans the Buddhi light shows to be wise and good.

This Centre of Intuition, call it by what name you will, becomes then in fact and in truth, the Head and Leader of this true T. S. Catching from the Lodge of Light, — the Atma of this true T. S., the true light of Theosophy — Wisdom Divine — it sends forth into the whole organization this illuminating ray of Intuition. If Manas has learned well its part and duty to the whole, it heeds this light of Soul-Wisdom and reasons and acts from that stand-point alone. If, alas! proud of its seeming powers, its "high development," its "independent judgment," it ignores and contemns this light, then does the whole organization become naught but a reasoning animal, where else it might have been a God, and done a God's work midst human kind.

How often have we seen foolish ones of good parts, equipped by nature to do a man's work well, had they but less conceit, fall far short of "what they might have been" and like the selfish devotee, live to no purpose; — lest it be a warning unto all, who see their lack of wisdom.

Universal Brotherhood