Universal Brotherhood Path – February 1900


One of the chief arguments for reincarnation is that all our knowledge, whether by perception reason or instinct, comes through experience. The effort of the Self to realize itself or become self-conscious causes all forms of life. These self-created images are illuminated in ever varying degrees, which are denominated states of consciousness, for want of a better term of expression. The Self, therefore, appears diffused in a network of manifestation, like the spider weaving a web in which it appears bound and imprisoned, when at any time by withdrawing from its self-created environment its freedom is assured. In all creatures is the Self which is all freedom, as all thoughts carried far enough reach the same goal, viz., the Source.

Do we not at times wilfully blind ourselves so as not to see the Light which silently envelopes us, because of some desire not to know; and by resolutely closing the eye of vision, a veil drops over us? Yet can we not be in total darkness, for in spite of our wilfulness in the hidden depths of our being that Light shines, and sooner or later we shall be forced to recognize its power. This is the Divine which controls and is never utterly lost, for in every creature is the universal spark, and this can never escape ultimate recognition, for has not every image the divine spark of life within its depths, the abiding reality?

Idealistic is all true interpretation of poetry, art, religion and philosophy. What is this but image making, and from whence? These images are not dead. They attract and repel each other and grow as they assimilate from the surrounding environment, and as they draw life from their source; the Self penetrates them all and their destiny is assured. They have an immortal origin, and, as usual, have their place in the Universe. It has been well conceived that "behind the never-ending is the changeless, colorless, pure essence, the Eternal Witness" — "in whom we live and move and have our being."

Theosophical University Press Online Edition