Universal Brotherhood Path – August 1900


The divine laws which govern the manifestation of the vibratory forces of nature cannot be for ever stayed. At a certain epoch there come forth forces which break through all limitations of whatever kind they may be.

We are, in this cycle, in close proximity with this new solar energy, this force which endows the strong with fresh courage and removes the timid gently from its course, to be no longer weights on the wheels of the chariot of life.

These forces at work to-day cannot be brought down and enshrined within the limitations of the past. Humanity is reaching out to receive them as something dropped on its travel down the ages. Men are beginning to realize that their divine birthright is no dream. The utterance of the statement brings with it a living power reviving the embers in the heart. It is possible to reach to-day a higher plane of thought than could be reached yesterday. All nature is evolving forward rapidly to a higher civilization.

Students who have reached a certain point sometimes wish to have full explanations given to them so that in some way they may derive personal benefit from the knowledge; but without the stimulus of effort, without trust, without faith, nothing is possible. We go to sleep with full faith that we will arise the next morning. We sow a seed with full faith that Nature will perform her part, and the seed spring up to bear fruit.

We need to-day a larger faith and trust, and in this we find ourselves living in a condition where everything is possible; where everything we touch will blossom forth and bear gladness and joy to others. Receiving ourselves unstintedly, ungrudgingly of that large and ample life which animates everything throughout universal space, we shall give freely with open hearts, so that no impoverished life shall ever flow from us.

In the true condition of mind and heart there arises a sweet peace which does not descend upon us from above, for we are in the midst of it. It is not like the sunshine, for no transitory clouds obscure its rays, but it is permanent and ever-abiding through all the days and years. Nothing can move us when that condition is reached. We have but to take the first step in the true spirit of brotherliness, and all other steps will follow in natural sequence. We have to be warriors and fight the old fight unceasingly, but leagued with us in this ancient fight are all the hosts of light. Behind man, back of all things, broods the eternal spirit of Compassion.

We should not become so absorbed in the little achievement of to-day as to render it impossible for us to receive the key to the wider knowledge of the future. If we began to realize the voice of the soul working behind the ordinary mentality, we would consciously become receptive to higher influences and more spiritual realities, we would bring about that condition within ourselves where we should hear the divine melodies, restoring harmony throughout all Nature. In this way, we should become pioneers, opening up the vision of men to the vast and unexplored regions of life, and, being conscious of this possibility, so stimulate every energy that the very atoms in space, the atoms composing every organism, would change and begin to respond to the divine impulse.

Look at the simple fisherman, throwing his line into the sea, bent on catching a fish, yet struck with awe at the great blue depths stretched out before him, the wide horizon bringing him into touch with the sweep of that universal life pulsating everywhere. Look at the sailor fired by that peculiar influence which arises from his outlook upon the Great Waters, seeing them in their varying moods of sunshine and of storm. He, too, unless brought under degrading associations, unconsciously reaches out to higher planes of thought, and feels that gentle touch which seeks to envelop humanity in that air, which is native to it.


1. Reprinted by request of an old student of H. P. Blavatsky from "The Crusader" of Feb. 27, 1898. (return to text)

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