Universal Brotherhood Path – October 1900


Theosophy embraces all that man knows of divinity. It asserts what some men know to be true, that all the world is divine and that God is in and about every atom. This common divinity, this community of origin and destiny, is held as a theory by many. To learn it as a living truth, prompting at once to unselfish thought and action, is the task before humanity. When the divine soul within each of us shines out with dazzling light continually, when we as true brothers of our fellows live only for their sakes, then will each life be a benediction to others and each will be wholly well spent.

Theosophy teaches that all the worlds of matter and of spirit emanate from and portray Deity. Our highest aspirations, our purest thoughts, our sincerest efforts to conquer the evil in our own nature and to be wholly united with the best in us, shows the presence in our nature of that which we have not yet fully realized but which is really godlike. It is to the uncovering of this divinity in us all that Theosophy aims. As soon as we learn how, each of us who loves his brother-man will work that this divine soul in him may be brought to light and made a power in daily life.

So many men today earnestly desire this knowledge that again the Helpers of Humanity have sent it abroad. It is not new. It is the same ancient divine truth, pictured forth in all nature about us, taught by Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster and others even farther back than ancient Egypt. And today the men who earnestly desire to find this truth can find it and do find it. Is it truth, you ask? Come and see. But know that if you come out of mere selfish curiosity or for amusement, your attitude of mind will effectually prevent you from seeing. Nothing but a fixed purpose, a life-purpose to do right for the world's sake, to make the most of life and its opportunities for the service of others will enable you to distinguish clearly the essential from unessential, to throw off the bondage of sense-life, and gain an insight into eternal verities. Only thus does life become a thing of peace and only thus do its proper purpose and legitimate use become apparent.

Theosophical University Press Online Edition