Universal Brotherhood Path – December 1900


"The Master-Soul is one, Alaya, the Universal Soul. Live in that Master as Its ray in thee. Live in thy fellows as they live in It."

"Thou hast to saturate thyself with pure Alaya, become as one with Nature's Soul-Thought. And one with it thou art invincible; in separation, thou becomest the playground of Samvriti, origin of all the world's delusions.

". . . Yet, one word. Canst thou destroy divine compassion? Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of Laws — eternal Harmony, Alaya's Self; a shoreless universal essence, the light of everlasting right, and fitness of all things, the law of love eternal."

      — Voice of The Silence

"In each phase of its progress science has stopped short with superficial solutions, has unscientifically neglected to ask what was the nature of the ancients it so familiarly invoked. . . . And this, which has all along been the unscientific characteristic of science has all along been a part cause of its conflict with religion."

"Not as adventitious will the wise man regard the faith which is in him. The highest truth he sees he will fearlessly utter, knowing that, let may what come of it, he is thus playing his part right in the world — knowing that if he can effect the change he aims at — well; if not, well also, though not so well."

      — Herbert Spencer

Theosophical University Press Online Edition