Universal Brotherhood Path – December 1900


"You shall honor God best by becoming godlike in your thoughts. Whoso giveth God honor as to one that needeth it, that man in his folly hath made himself greater than God. The wise man only is a priest, is a lover of God, is skillful to pray; for that man only knows how to worship, who begins by offering himself as the victim, fashions his own soul into a divine image, and furnishes his mind as a temple for the reception of the divine light."

* * *

"Know so far as is permitted thee, that Nature in all things is like unto herself: that thou mayest not hope that of which there is no hope, nor be ignorant of that which may be.

"Know thou also that the woes of men are the work of their own hands. Miserable are they, because they see not and hear not the good that is very nigh them: and the way of escape from evil few there be that understand it."

Theosophical University Press Online Edition