Universal Brotherhood Path – February 1901


When we turn our thoughts to the changes and the growth possible to the mind and character of man, to powers unused and faculties yet unknown to him, a sadness steals over the heart. For man is greater than he knows.

One need not go far, whether in the realm of commerce and industry, or of art, or education, to recognize that the painstaking and persevering are they who succeed in their undertakings. It is conscientious effort, continued with perseverance and will, from youth to maturity, that has given to the world its benefactors and rare examples. The great institutions, orders, societies and industrial enterprises are headed by such men and women, who, to the extent that they follow the highest light within them, are a benefit to the human race and a help to their fellows.

Yet, could not men progress more rapidly, employ even better methods; could not they individually attain to greater knowledge, wisdom and virtue if they but knew the higher philosophy — the wisdom-religion — Theosophy?

In fact the possibilities of the human soul are great — greater than we can conceive. To achieve these man must know himself, his origin, powers and destiny. A knowledge of the immortality of the soul, at death throwing off old garments of flesh, and after resting taking on new garments at the appointed hour, thus providing for a continuation of unfinished efforts and aspirations, this with the certainty of the justice of nature's law is the keynote of true progress, bringing a new hope, a new joy to the life of man.

The corollary of this is that man himself is the creator of his own destiny, and that as he sows so shall he reap. Thereupon the whole tenor of his life is affected and changed; his efforts are intensified and directed towards higher ideals. His conception as to the purpose and meaning of life is enormously widened. He begins to realize himself as a spiritual being.

These great truths: That man is immortal, that he ever was and ever will be; that the divine law is both compassionate and just, regulating the seasons, guiding the planets in their course, causing the ebb and flow in the ocean's wave and in "the tide of the world's life;" giving to man free will to exercise his powers for weal or woe, and weave the pattern of his own life and destiny; these open before him possibilities undreamed of and fill the whole of life with a new meaning.

The greater the knowledge man has of his nature and divine powers the greater will be his efforts to achieve his destiny. Through this knowledge man will evolve means and methods to accomplish in a short time and with but little expenditure of energy what would otherwise take ages.

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