Universal Brotherhood Path – December 1901

WHEN I THINK — H. J. Clements

When I think of what I know,
Earth is hard my feet below,
And around me is a wall
Leaning in, about to fall;
'Neath a roof that hides the sky,
And within that space am I.

When I think of what I dream,
Then around me flows a stream
Sometimes near and sometimes far,
Sometimes glassing sun and star.
And within my little land
Sometimes Lords of Beauty stand;
And the mountains are afire
With their purple old desire,
And along dim shores, the sea
Sometimes whispers tales to me.
Yet my mountains and my sea
Will not let my dreams go free.

But there is no roof above,
When I think of what I love,
And there is no earth beneath,
I am one with life and death;
And my world is larger far
Than the realm of any star;
And within me, deep and deep,
Universes wake and sleep.

Theosophical University Press Online Edition