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The Voice of the Silence

By H. P. Blavatsky

"Here is the real Mahayana Buddhism" D. T. Suzuki

"I believe that this book has strongly influenced many sincere seekers and aspirants to the wisdom and compassion of the Bodhisattva Path." 14th Dalai Lama

Translated from the Book of the Golden Precepts, which shares a common origin with the Stanzas of Dzyan of The Secret Doctrine, the rules and ethics presented in the Voice contrast the two paths of spiritual attainment: the one pursued by those seeking knowledge for their own enlightenment; the other chosen by those whose aspirations are prompted by compassion for all.

  • 5 3/16 x 7 1/4, 112 pages, verbatim edition
  • $15.00 cloth ISBN 978-0-911500-04-2
  • $10.00 paper ISBN 978-0-911500-05-9
  • $18.00 audio (2.5 hrs) ISBN 978-0-911500-24-0

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