The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 100

Sep. 21.

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

May be your intention and meaning was as you say. But there's Mme. G.d. who was the first to read it, to "feel shocked" as she said for this unnecessary slap on the face to the Hindu nation whose philosophy is ours — and who understood your words as I have. And in India they will be understood the same. I have to learn yet that "the first of a series of subraces of which the present Europ. is the 7th —", means that those first races are lower thus than the last. In such case the Dhyan-Chohans from whom the first R. Race emanated are still lower as a race than we are, or rather yet lower than the 4th R. Race of Atlantean sorcerers was. That's a new way of looking at things. However, I have to talk of more serious things for the present.

Mme. G. is gone; I am alone, and I have profited by my isolation to think over a good deal. You are mistaken if you think me so short sighted as to have failed remarking that Mohini is drifting away with every day more from the original programme and doctrine — I know it. Nevertheless, as he is a real, genuine theosophist in his heart and aspirations, he must be left alone, provided he does not, in drifting away, pull to pieces the original Society. And this he would surely do, were you to put in practice what you contemplate. Such is the opinion of the Masters, for I saw Them and talked to and with Them, the whole evening and night yesterday. That which you have to do, if you would be active and work for the original Masters' Society, would be as follows. Explain to Olcott matters and claim from him and Council, that which you of the L.L. already virtually have: complete autonomy for the European Branches, as many, as there are groups of the same way of thinking. Theosophy was founded as a nucleus for Univ. Brotherhood. So was Christy. The latter was a complete failure and is a sham, only because the R. Latin Church claims infallibility, absolute authority, and will convert by fair or foul means the two other Churches to her way of thinking. So do the other two but in a weaker degree. Now Christianity is the same Theosophy, only in masquerade dresses, this cycle of ours being the carnival period of the greater cycle, that of our sub-race. Don't let us do as the Christians do. Our Society was established to bring together people as searchers after truth, independent thinkers, one having no right to force his opinion on the other: or meddle in his religious views. Therefore we cannot force Mohini and his party to follow "Olcott Blavatsky's" programme; or as a dissenter from it, to drive him out of the Society, since he is a real theosophist in one of the aspects of divine Wisdom "theo-sophia." Now Babaji is quite another thing. He is a liar, a traitor, a selfish ambitious wretch, who first sold us — Olcott and myself, and is now selling his ex-Masters. Against him every true theosophist ought to rise; and those who do not are certainly dangerous and cannot remain in your Society, or any of those who remain true to Master and the original programme. This is Olcott's business to expel him from the Society, and you may tell him that if he does not, then Babaji will ruin every Branch he approaches. What you have to do if you take OUR advice is this, leaving the management of details to your own sagacity. Call a Council meeting, private or public (the former, at first) and explain to them, that Mr. Babaji is to your best knowledge a liar, and a very malicious and disreputable one. Tell them he was a Chela and has failed. Was sent, to you (you have his letter), he, in all appearance, and told you so and so, and now denies it; says (ask Bergen to write to you all he said, and Arthur) — that it was not he but a dugpa, semblance of himself, a sorcerer's delusion etc. etc. And yet, he insists he is still the chela of Mahatma K. H., who is a Mahatma and therefore cannot correspond with or interfere with any one — an impersonal shadow he makes of him, in fact — that all that he said, did, and about his Master and Masters — for four years and more was his Karma that made him labour under a delusion, illusion and what not. Now you have but to demand an explanation from him, and before a Council; to force him to explain things and show that it is not he who is lying but I — when I say that he, the present Babaji, has never seen the Master 10,000 miles away or approached him or ever been to Tibet, as he insists. I bet you he will decline an explanation and either go away from London or leave the Society. Till now no one put him on the stand, and he has all the trumps for him. But insist as the President of the L.L. Society and you have a right to — that the situation should be cleared that either he or I, would be justified and — you will see the fun. Now if you do not do something of the sort you will have the Karma of allowing the L.L. to be ruined by that little dugpa. I tell you he is 1000 times more dangerous than Mohini and is a tool in the hands of our enemies. And do not lose time.

Then, when you have cleared the coast of that element — propose a reform. A group or branch, however small, cannot be a theosophical Society — unless all the members in it are magnetically bound to each other, by the same way of thinking at least in some one direction; therefore, as you will never agree with Mohini or he with you, propose two distinct Branches; I will be with yours and, if you succeed, the Master will begin writing again which He will not do not even through me, so long as the Society is instead of a Brotherhood a political Bulgaria. I have sent Vol. I of the S.D. to Adyar and am now on Vol. II — the Archaic. This alone with the new information in it will be more than you will be able to digest in 25 years with the explanations promised — if you succeed in forming a Society of your own, faithful to the original programme and doctrine and the Masters, or their teaching.

These are the only hints I am permitted to give. Action can save the Society; inaction on your part — will kill it; as showing animosity to Mohini and his group would. Consult with them in a friendly way. Let them form their own Branch within or outside the T.S. If they do the former, all right and good. If they do the latter and outside the Masters and their protection they will only prove that it was personal ambition and love of selfish ideas that made them drift away. It will perhaps be better. Answer this.

Yours ever,
H. P. B.

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