The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 101

Oct. 6, 1886.

My dear Mr. and Mrs. Sinnett,

I forward Mohini's Manifesto which you please read carefully, if you have not before. I trust it to your care for a few days, begging you to send it back to me intact as I have to send it to Olcott and Council. It cannot and will not remain unnoticed. He addresses it "to all theosophists interested in the progress of true theosophy" and it will be circulated all over America whether printed or not. It cannot be left unanswered. If you have changed your mind and will not answer it — as you wanted to — then I must send it to Adyar where it will be made use of, and my Reply the same. So as your idea of recasting it is good and you may read it in a new form to your Society or do with it whatever you like — I must beg you to send it me (my MSS) intact also, and as it is; for I have neither time nor desire to copy it and am ordered to forward both the Manifesto and my Reply to Adyar and thence to America.

Of course you can do as you like. Only there are two ways left open before us, now that Mohini has pronounced himself; either an amicable separation into groups, each according to its harmonious spirit, or — a thundering separation and collapse of the "L.L. of T.S." The first may be effected by you, and quietly after you have talked it over with Mohini and Miss A.; the other will burst upon you as a thunder-clap, for they are preparing for it. The minds of our best members are poisoned by insinuations and metaphysical and cosmistical assumptions. Even Bm. Keightley has sailed off on the Yogi line. Neither Astrology nor Mesmerism will save it. What those fanatics want is the dark spirit of fanaticism, engrossed in which, they have lost sight of the fact that Mohini has quietly withdrawn from under their noses their living Teachers and ideals and substituted for them himself — instead.

I do not care for it personally. The days of heart-aching, and struggle and fight are over for me personally. I have done my duty, as ordered, and prefer remaining with Mohini on diplomatic friendly terms (an armed peace like the rest of Europe), than in open war. Much of what he says is true, but unless people are MADE to see the revers de la medaille of his "Saintship" — and his black ingratitude and cold heartedness to Olcott and all — the L.L. will be lost in a fog of Maya created by the young gentleman. He has psychologised them all and all see as he wants them to. You remain indifferent? Very well; so am I. Mrs. K. and Maitland both tell me that the only means of saving the L.L. is to break it into groups or — best of all for me to come to London and proclaim myself President of a group of Occultists! They take me for a Battenberg, or a Stamboulof of Bulgaria — verily. Well it remains for me to wash my hands of the whole matter and ask you again to send me back both MSS — whether you recast mine or not. L'un n'empeche pas l'autre. Do so, and send it me to read and see. My love to Mrs. S.

Yours theosophically,
H. P. B.

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