The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 102


Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

Thanks for Wilson. But I will send you £2 for the three or four other volumes, from Chapter VI Book IV to Book VI ending with Ch. VIII. You have sent me only 3 volumes in which I find Book IV ending with Ch. V.

Thanks for all compliments and Mr. Crookes' chemical speculations. He is a dear man who has all my respect, admiration and sympathy. I am proud of him even though he may be less proud of me. I have received your parcel by book post just before dinner and now it is 5, so I could not even glance at it let alone read it. But Mrs. Countess has and says she understands nothing. Nor will I of course; we are ignorant fools she and I and if you have to wait till I evolve into my higher self to read that stupendously scientific speech to understand it, then you will have time to cut new teeth.

Yet, I had brains enough to understand what you meant in your letter; and I say right away: Mr. Crookes, Sir, preaches and teaches a very old occult Doctrine. I will of course lay his work and new discovery before the Master and Mah. K. H. and will let you have Their opinions. Meanwhile I am impressed to send you a few pages that I have unhooked from my Book I, Archaic Period the beginning of which you have seen and beg you to read them carefully. Now if you do not find in it your prelix or his — whatever its name — then I am a Battenberg. This was written at Villa Nova when you left and the Countess has copied it all long ago. Only for mercy's sake do not lose those 8 pages or you will ruin me in time lost and other things. If you find it answers please show to Mr. Crookes; if not — answer me I am a fool as usual, and then send back both those 8 pages and Mohini's Memoir. I must send it to Adyar to Olcott. The Countess wants to know whether you received her MSS on phenomena — whatever they are.

My love to Mrs. Sinnett, unless she too regards me as a very old flapdoodle.

Yours in humility and bereavement,
H. P. von Blavatsky.

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