The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 103


Dear Mr. Sinnett,

I doubt whether the news I have to give you will be found satisfactory by yourself or Mr. Crookes. I have heard from Master and — Masters. It appears (as I have thought from the first) that he is on the orthodox occult path, in his general method. "No one went nearer than he did to the laya region" I am told. The laya is the Nirvana of all organic (we have no inorganic) Substance, the zero point or "neutral centre" where all differentiation ceases. But when I asked for a few lines written in a language that I could not write, using scientific (chemical?) terms and symbols to show Mr. Crookes that the Masters were (a) in earnest and (b) that they knew what Mr. Crookes was talking about with his Greek letters and figures and H.'s & N.'s & N.C.'s — Master told me very coolly that He would be very sorry to be showing his ignorance!! He knew nothing of modern chemical terms and Mr. Crookes knew nothing of Alchemical jargon. He looked into the aura — (much good this will do Mr. Crookes!) and found in the said "pamphlet aura" only two deflections, and one small point, half of one — which showed error. I asked Him to point it out and he laughed, and I saw no more of Them.

Well today Dj. Khool put in an appearance and was in a hurry and would not wait and so I had to send Louisa away — with my legs half rubbed because she looked at me listening — as though I were crazy. Then he told me that Master sent in a word for you, and me to tell you: "Sinnett has evidently forgotten what he had read in the Comm. on the 7 Stanzas (Book II Archaic period). Otherwise he would have known that out of what is plainly stated there, seven such pamphlets (as about protyle) could be written by Mr. Crookes if he only knew it. No such scientific orthodox terms used in the S.D. but all that can be given out in this century is there and about chemistry and physics more than anything else. If Mr. Sinnett is willing to read those portions to Mr. Crookes — or Mr. Crookes wants to read them himself — send the MSS. to them by all means. (Thanks) . . . Anything that will appear hazy, incomprehensible or too grotesque I (Master) am willing to explain and even to be corrected if I fail to do so."

On my kicking against the idea of sending you the MSS. which I want all the time for reference — (then, Lord! Mr. Crookes to see and laugh at it!!!) — Dj. Khool said that if I had any regard for yourself and Mr. Crookes I better do so, or else never ask Master to help anyone again. And then he added that one of Master's Chums (he learnt the word from Olcott) a Syrian, upon hearing of your letter to me about protyle (that I had sent on to Them) and your proposition, had very seriously remarked that something ought to be done for Mr. Crookes; and Master had agreed with him; only that He laughed (Mah. K. H.) at me, advising Master to do that something, for otherwise I would be asking and bothering Them next to baptise one of the London Theosophists' children.

Thus it is I who receives the kick. Never mind. Well, D. Kh. said before parting company that I better write and tell you all; that there was a chance for me that either you, or Mr. Crookes would refuse to read over that which you had already read, and Mr. C. something that he is sure to find stupid, unless he reads the Comm. on Stanza VI with great attention. Well I am ready to do my duty. But I do hope Mr. Crookes will refuse.

It is true that ever since you left, Master has made me add some thing daily to the old MSS. so that much of it is new and much more that I do not understand myself. So that with God's help you may find in it something to attract the attention of even such an eminent man as Mr. Crookes.

I never thought he was so learned — till I heard Masters' opinions about him and his aura. Master says, there is no one higher than him in chemistry in England, nor elsewhere except Butlerof who is dead. But then Butlerof spoiled his brains by Spiritualism and took it all for God's grace, and became stupid at the end. Well, that's all.

Yours — a victim always,
H. P. B.

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