The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 105

[The first part of this letter is missing.]

. . . . . . . . . . her departed Jesus. Unless you ferret out for your own private amusement a new Leonard, or Crookes runs away with Mrs. Golindo and her wig, I do not smell any new rat in the shape of scandal ahead. Quite the contrary. For, above the black stormy clouds of your dirty English political life — the great red harlot and Beast, with the Pope and Bismarck dancing the lanciers and Salisbury making his grand rond around them, I perceive a bright blue opening, a canopy of light over your own theosophical head. This is no inspiration, but written in the Book of Destiny now open before me, and in which, notwithstanding young Fawcett upsetting books and furniture behind me, I see quite clear. Do not take this as a joke, for it is serious, I have just finished reading your "Blue Book" in the Pall Mall Gazette and I am full of it — fuller than I would be had I eaten at my dinner three pounds of lobster and green venomous mushrooms. But you — I can't help loving you. Only — what, in the name of mischief, have you been writing to Coues. Some great mischief from that letter in the U.S.A. Oh Lord, Lord — I wish my enemies would each write a book! which, according to Job, who for all he forgot to be born in your "superior" race and was but a dirty unwashed Arab spoke wisdom nevertheless — would be my best revenge. Now what have you been writing to Coues? Please ask Mrs. Sinnett to be kind enough to write to me a few lines; only a few, her real genuine honest opinion upon "She." And when she does I will answer and let her know my opinion.

Please pardon my rhapsody, but I am full of politics, of the coming European Pralaya and that of your L.L. unless you shake off that lethargy of yours. Meanwhile and notwithstanding I am,

Yours ever truly,
H. P. B.

Glad you have managed the "Buddha and Boar." I wish you would more. I am on the 4th Race. I have done with the Hermaphrodite Third Race. Mr. Mohini preaches the Visishta Advaitism and Judge writes (this confidentially) that he Mohini is trying to loot the T.S. He tried to pervert Judge but found a hard shell, too hard for him, for Judge — knows. By the bye, have you sent him my letter from Bouton and mine to Judge? You never said anything about that.

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