The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 106

Private and Confidential

. . . . . It would be well perhaps, if the Jesuits contented themselves with making dupes of Freemasons and opposing the Theosophists and Occultists using for it the Protestant clergy as "cat's paw." But their plottings have a much wider scope, and embrace a minuteness of detail and care of which the world in general has no idea. Everything is done by them to bring the mass of mankind again to the state of passive ignorance which they well know is the only one which can help them to the consummation of their purpose of Universal Despotism.

An old page refused for insertion in the History of England in the XIXth century, because of the blindness of its statesmen, will be added to it — when too late — in the XXth century.

The greatest statesman in Europe, the Prince Bismarck, is the only one to know accurately all their secret plottings through his own private adept of the Schwarzwald. He knows it has ever been the aim of the Jesuit Priestcraft to stir up disaffection and rebellion in all countries to the advancement of its own interests. Hence, the apparent friendship with the Pope. Watch the "honest broker's" manoeuvres and learn to see clear. That greatest and most farseeing of men in addressing the German Parliament on the 5th of Dec. 1874, stated that in a conversation which passed between the Wurtemburg Envoy and the Nuncio, the latter insolently and arrogantly exclaimed: "The Roman Church had to look to revolution as the sole means of securing her rightful position" (Times, Dec. 7, 1874). After this cynically candid avowal, one may reasonably look all thro' Europe and elsewhere, for attempts at revolution in the forms of insurrections and excitement of popular passions, under the auspices of and by the secret aid of the Jesuits. Accordingly, to turn to the British Empire for an example: Old England is dying and her moments are counted. The Times of the 11th of August 1885 stated that"nearly all the (R.C.) Prelates had given their adhesion to the National League." The Times of the following 9th Sept. reported that "the organisation of crime and outrage in Ireland was proceeding with more rapid strides under the auspices of the National League and with the benediction of the spiritual guides of the people."

In former times, at least, no country has better and more successfully withstood the encroachments and treacherous designs of Popery than England. Consequently, there is no country the Jesuits would so much like to dismember and destroy. After the above avowals, we may reasonably conclude that the whole Fenian conspiracy and all its social workings have been organised and indirectly advised and counselled by the Jesuits. That it was so, is vouchsafed by those who follow them closely.

In days of old, England has had Statesmen, such as Pitt and Castlereagh, who were true to their country and easily counterplotted and put down the Jesuit conspiracies in Ireland. The Jesuits finding this, have been ever since, according to their usual worldly craft and patience, devising how to meet the staunchness of English Statesmen. They have openly avowed they will put an end, at any rate, a stop to the wheels of the English political machine by making converts of her chief men. All the world knows they have secured a few of the richest, noblemen and others. For many years there has been a report in Roman Catholic countries, that W. E. Gladstone was privately received into the R. C. Church by the Pope himself. (See "The Irish Church, her Assailers and Defenders by a British Resident in Spain" Simpkin & Marshall, 1868.) No one cares to enter upon the question of the truth or not of this statement. We would not venture to harm any one. We know that W. E. Gladstone is the author of "Vaticanism," which to us, only serves to show his familiarity with Popery. We are concerned with the latter only so far as it not only obstructs the way to Theosophy and Occultism but threatens to throttle both. Newman and other perverts to Popery began by assailing the Church of which they not long after became members. What we do assert is that if W. E. G. were a real Jesuit, he could not have played into their hands better or more effectually than he has done. The appointment of Earl Ripon, who was not only a Roman Catholic, but notorious as a man of mean abilities, to the Governor Generalship of India, gave the Jesuits an excellent opportunity; and accordingly, the Jesuit Father Ker was always at his elbow in Government House, Calcutta, and was virtually the Viceroy of India. This Jesuit Father was the real author of "The Ilbert Bill" which, had it passed, would have been more disastrous for England than the Indian Mutiny, and for the Hindus — worse still. Of course, as it stood, it was framed to damage English Rule in India. It failed, owing to something the English know nothing about yet, but the Jesuits who play for large stakes and are used to failures — do; and very soon they will try something else. The intended "Kilmanham Treaty" showed a strange hankering to seize any opportunity to make such a concession to Popish agitators as heretofore has been the most remote from all possibility by patriotic English Statesmen. If we omit any of the occasions in which W. E. G. has sought to injure his country it is not for want of materials. The gap may be filled any day.

The Jesuits have of late years candidly avowed that they hoped to succeed by enlisting ignorant democracies on their side. Accordingly, in 1885 W. E. G. plays the game of pandering to democracies, by giving the suffrage to 2,000,000 of farm-labourers. Any one familiar with the English village labourer knows that he so little understands or values his vote that a pint of beer would probably buy it at any time; but that if you promise any impracticable thing which he would much covet, you may make sure of a majority of votes for any party whatever. Having achieved this — (of course quite accidental) imitation of Jesuit policy, W. E. G. precipitates his own temporary retirement from office, in order to get, as he calculated, an overwhelming majority from the votes of the newly emancipated labourers at a General Election, and then come in again and carry whatever measures he pleased. He is disappointed of the overwhelming majority — slight mistakes were made — but he still thinks he can perhaps, contrive to carry a dashing scheme for handing Ireland over so much further into the hands of the unscrupulous agitators, so that the next agitation will complete the severance and dismember the British Empire — which has long been the darling scheme of the Jesuits. If W. E. G. be not a Jesuit, we think he ought to be. His renewed advent to power was speedily followed by an insurrectionary meeting in Trafalgar Square, at which revolutionary speeches were made, and some of the best parts of London for 2 hours pillaged by men to whom W. E. G. would, no doubt, rejoice to give the suffrage. All this you know, as you must also know that since then another seditious meeting has been held, at which the chief speaker declared that by Heaven, he would himself, if he could, cut the throats of a million and a quarter of people who possessed, as he thought, too much of this world's goods. He was vociferously applauded by his hearers.

The Jesuits have already been shown avowing their intention to excite revolutions to get what they think their rights. Now here are public speakers in England, inciting to revolution. Ought you not then to come to the conclusion that these are Jesuit emissaries? These particulars are given that not only Occultists, but also Nations, Communities and individuals may be aware and forewarned against what we have no hesitation in saying are the enemies of the human race. It is generally known that the College of Jesuits is at Rome. It is not so well known that virtually, for some years, their Head Quarters are in London and were so even before they were expelled from Republican France. They then flocked to England in greater numbers and were allowed to come, the English showing their usual apathy.

Students of Occultism should know that while the Jesuits have by their devices, contrived to make the world in general, and Englishmen in particular, think there is no such thing as Magic and laugh at Black Magic, these astute and wily schemers themselves hold magnetic circles and form magnetic chains by the concentration of their collective Will, when they have any special object to effect, or any particular and important person to influence. Again, they use their riches lavishly also to help them in any project. Their wealth is enormous. When recently expelled from France they brought so much money with them, some part of which they bought into the English Funds as immediately to raise them to par, which the Daily Telegraph pointed out at the time. The time may come, when their wealth will be violently taken from them for the poor, and they themselves mercilessly left to be destroyed amidst the general execrations of all Nations and peoples. There is a Nemesis called Karma, tho' often it allows evil-doers to go on successfully for centuries. Meanwhile, who has ears — "let him hear."

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