The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 113

Letter received by the Countess from a friend concerning the "H. B. of L." [The Hindu Brotherhood of Luxor; vide Letter No. 182. — Ed.]

. . . . . . "You will be surprised to hear that my name was put to this Hermetic circular (a purchase in America for £20,000 of a land for Occultists) without my consent and that I have repudiated it and demanded that my name be taken away out of it, at once. I have for some time been sure that there was something wrong in the H. B. of L. and have taken great pains to find the clue. The real fact is, that the Occultism which exists at the back has been made use of by a convicted felon. (?!) I obtained specimens of handwriting and also a photograph which identified the prime mover with the felon under an alias. There was to be a "London Lodge" opened by him, but I sent a friend to it with a photograph in his pocket to identify him. He did not appear, but all present recognised him as the man who had represented himself as the principal mover in it. It is a gross attempt of [an] unmitigated scoundrel and practicer of Black Magic to engraft a moonshine scheme of colonisation upon Occultism" . . . . . . and to disgrace it finally. It is the work of the Jesuits I spoke to you of. Now the Kingsford is mixed up in it and many others. If you do not protect the L. L. yours — the genuine, from connexion with that lot as they seem determined to so connect it by hook or by crook, then the public will never be convinced if any new scandal comes out that you and we were not mixed up in it. So take care. Send Bert and Arch for information. Expose them by all means, and the louder the exposure the better. Warn all the theosophists with circular.

Yours ever,
H. P. B.

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