The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 116


Sent to Mohini art: "Have animals Souls" to correct. Ask him to bring it to you and see pp. he was told to show to you. There you shall find in the Sishtas (or remnants) spoken how near the truth came our mutual friend A. P. S. in his "Noah's Ark Theory." I am very busy on Secret D. The thing at N.Y. is repeated — only far clearer and better. I begin to think it shall vindicate us. Such pictures, panoramas, scenes antediluvian dramas with all that! Never saw or heard better. Your calculations, "the best and truest that can be given at this end of the 5000 y. of Kaliyug." Watch, your impressions and turn your back on the S.P.R. and its rabid idiots.

H. P. B.

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