The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 121

13th December.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

Yesterday evening a loud rap was suddenly heard and Jual Kool was with us. He signified his intention of writing through my hand. I saw him close to me indistinctly, felt the influence, heard the few words he said to me, and wrote the following: —

Let Mohini be saved at all costs, write to Sinnett this, a conspiracy is being formed to over-throw the Society and disgrace Mohini. No delay, but act promptly, form your Committee quickly, get all possible evidence together, and find out all you can about Miss L.'s antecedents.

J. K. told me that you have a very difficult task before you

Now I will tell you plainly what I think in this affair. I believe that Miss L. has been a paid agent from the first to endeavour through Mohini's disgrace to harm the T.S. I believe that the Doctor was taken to Madame De M. simply to psychologise her, in which he succeeded, and that she is now unknowingly under his influence.

If a good Roman Catholic could offer Madame 25,000 fcs. down simply to omit the name of Christ in her S.D. believe me they can do a great deal more. They are fighting for life, for the S.D. has that which will give them their death blow, they may be a long time in expiring, but they surely will in time. The S.D. contains a translation of the Secret Book.

The public at present will have but a faint idea of its real meaning, but as years roll by — it will penetrate deeper into the hearts of men and then the death knell will be sounded.

Will you kindly try and get me a copy of Hargrave Jennings' Phallicism I want Madame to see some passages in it. George Redway has it, but he asks 30/-. It was published at £1. Do try and get it for me as cheaply as you can, and send it as soon as possible. Will you beg Mohini to write out the esoteric meaning of some of Shakespeare's plays. Madame wants it for the S.D. and will put it in Mohini's name. I am sorry to trouble you so much.

Yours truly,
C. W.

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