The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 166

[Written to H. P. B. — Ed.]


You remember Subba Row's great project for a national Adwaita Society to be secretly moved by certain Initiates and to be fathered by Sancaracharya, the High Priest, and act in harmony with the Theosophical Society; well it has just been born, meetings have been held, rules have been drafted, Sancaracharya's Presidency is agreed to by him, some 400 or 500 Pundits alone in this Presidency will join. Money is offered to put up a lecture Hall in Madras with Adwaita Preachers going all over India. Subba Row means to work it so that it will strengthen existing Theosophical Societies, T.S. Branches, and hatch new ones where there are none — so you see he is especially anxious that there should be no new scandals or rows in connection with the T.S. for fear Sancaracharya (an Initiate) and the whole orthodox party should get frightened and set themselves to break us up.

Now do keep quiet, for God's sake do keep cool — you know who Sancaracharya is!!!

We shall get things around after a while so that you can return with honour.

Copy Private.
(Signed) Olcott.

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