The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 175

B. J. Padshah became indignant that the original letters published in the Xian College Magazine were not shown to Madame Blavatsky for explanation. He asked Mr. Hodgson why they were not shown to her. Mr. Hodgson consented to give Padsha the documents on condition that he would take them personally to Mad. Blavatsky at Wurzburg and keep his eyes wide upon the letters while Madame B. reads them and, taking care that she might not in any way interfere with them, bring them back safe to the S.P.R. This is what Padshah told me, as far as I can remember.

Babajee D. Nath.

Bowajee says, he is not sure whether Hodgson meant that I might destroy them — fraudulently — or phenomenally. You ought to send for Padshah and examine him. If Mr. Hodgson was afraid that I would make away with them phenomenally then it is just what I believe I wrote to Mrs. Sinnett, or to you from Wurzburg and I said and repeat it that in their hearts the Coulombs and the padris believe in the powers of the Masters and also to an extent in my own. This is why they would not allow Hodgson to show to me those letters at Adyar, nor would Myers and Hodgson trust Mr. Sinnett with them for that same reason. Bowajee says Mohini can tell you all; that Hodgson told him secretly that personally he believed in the Mahatmas and even in my occult powers. — Make your inferences.

H. P. B.

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