The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 179

Torre del Greco.
16th July, 1885.

My dear Mohini,

I will not inflict upon you an account of all that happened yesterday. But I must tell you that a few minutes before 1 P.M. I rose out of my writing table and went into my bed room and hung my strings of talismans on the nail (on the wall) on which hangs the picture of Upasika's Guru. I do so usually, before going out of our rooms. The Italians, even the best of them, are so inquisitive and devoid of manners that I do not go out wearing the talismans lest they should be touched by profane hands. I then went out to the Hotel upstairs to get if possible a small stone mortar and pestle to grind almonds and prepare a medicine for Upasika. Miss Flynn was at my table; until I returned, and Upasika was in her room writing Russian articles and as Miss F. says, did not stir out of her room. The windows of my bedroom were as usual securely bolted to prevent the house being robbed by the Italian beggars and thieves who swarm every place here. Before going out, I had closed the doors of my bedroom. I was just ascending the staircase when I met Dr. Carl Von Bergen and his wife who were going down to take leave of Madame and of us and then to take the tram car for Sorrento and thence to go to Rome etc. I wished however to go on and get the mortar and pestle, as I thought I could return in time to bid farewell to the Bergens. But my attention was attracted by Madame's Master to my room. I had been for some days expecting some phenomenon to happen in the presence of the fanatical Dr. Bergen whose greatest desire was to come under the influence of the Masters or at least "to see Their handwriting." He said it was too much for him to hope for an astral visit, when Miss F. now and then told him that Gjual-Khool came to see Upasika when she (F.) was with her. The Bergens entered and went straight away to see Upasika. Miss F. accompanied them, leaving my table — while I intuitively ran up to my room not only to answer the astral summons, but also to take back the talismans from the nail and wear them. On the same nail was laid a letter in Chinese envelope with an endorsement in the red-pencil peculiar handwriting of Upasika's Guru:" — Bowaji — shall send this without delay to Henry Olcott." Dr. and Mme. Von Bergen's faces beamed with delight.

My Master has sent letters to the Colonel through me. But never until now has the other Master sent letters to H. S. O. through me. As I am not His Chela, I cannot quite understand why He sends it through me; I think He cannot now correspond direct with the Colonel, owing to his being in a peculiar condition at present. Now that our Damodar is away in Thibet and nothing is known at Adyar about him, and as Respected Sir does not care a fig for anything but his own affairs, the Masters find no facility for communicating direct with anyone at Adyar. There is our poor Chander Cushol who receives letters direct but even he is now in hot water, as I told you in my last letter.

Upasika has now received from Mrs. Sinnett a very kind and sympathising letter. [This letter is unsigned, but it is in the handwriting of Babajee. — Ed.]

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