The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 172

[The passages in bold type are comments by H. P. B.; those in bold type italics have been underlined by her. — Ed.]


Respected and dear Upasika,

Kindly permit me to offer a few words of assurance to you. I fully agree with the Gebhards in all that they have stated in their joint private letter to you.

You know very well from the very fact of the effacement of my address from the envelope sent by you, that Masters do not at all regard me as in the least guilty of any ill-feeling towards any one or of even a slight mistake in all that I have said and done. (including charge of forgery?!) And I can well understand why They have not yet said anything about me definitely to you; (they have now;) for, no one among the Theosophists is really more devoted to Them than myself! But do not think I am bragging. I would not have written so, had I not thought it necessary to emphasise the fact for the sake of removing your doubts and suspicions, if any you have. My only justification for all that I have done and said was that Masters' names and philosophy have been so desecrated that in my opinion all I did was not strong enough. Now that you have at last condescended to reform the existing state of affairs, no one could worship you more and honor your nobleness of heart and self-sacrifice more, than my humble self!! Masters would have pointed out the least mistake I might have wilfully committed, if any. (They have.) They only know all that tore my heart of late. So, Madame, permit me to assure you that I am no traitor to any one and that my only wish is, you would no longer interfere in any personal matter but go on with your noble work on the Sec: Doctrine. If possible, Mohini will come to Wurzburg when the good Countess W. has to leave you. All the Gebhards have throughout been as staunch as ever.

Ever yours affty.,

My respects and fraternal regards to Countess if she cares to accept.

This is a letter now sent after he had charged us with forgery and criminal intent to defraud. The dictatorial tone of it — fancy! Well I will evoke him with Master's permission, I will produce the true Dharb. Nath — and show this one a little pretender, and you may suspect the truth and understand the hint you who have heard enough of it at Simla and elsewhere.

H. P. B.

The Countess knows all, I am not yet permitted to tell you the whole truth — but will and I long for it believe me — when the work of the Karma is entirely finished. Pity me — for I am really made a terrible martyr!

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