The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 188

My dear Mother,

Since writing to you last I have found that Sinnett has taken a great prejudice against Babaji, in consequence of what you have written to him. He thinks Babaji has done very wrong in assuming the name of D. Nath, and has written to him to ask for explanation. I am sorry for what has taken place as I think the poor fellow's usefulness has to a great extent been curtailed. It seems to me hard to understand how you could have thought that Babaji seriously intended to wreck the T.S. (for one thing he has not the power) although I quite see that his conduct has been quite strange and unaccountable. Please think of some way to smooth matters. If Sinnett remains in his present attitude of mind, I apprehend harm. I shall not be surprised if it drives Babaji to despair. It is not possible for anybody to smash the Society, but under the influence of despair he might do something we shall be sorry for. Therefore I earnestly pray you will do something to remove this trouble.

With pranam,
Yours ever,

P.S. Enclosed letter from Miss Arundale. By the way she does not know anything about what took place at Elberfeld. This for you to remember in writing to her.

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