The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 75

Jan. 29, 1886.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

Enclosed find the results of karma for defending an innocent though foolish man, and — for writing private and confidential letters to a woman of hysterical temperament.

Please tell me what I have to do? Countess says that I have either to go to London and appear; or that Germany will give me up to England; or that I will be made to pay £100 for default or perhaps be hung by the neck till I die passing through a preliminary torture somewhere.

It thus appears that a person who denies that another person was maliciously seduced — is liable or amenable to law in England. Writing private and confidential when the person "libelled" is not even named — constitutes a LIBEL?

Is it so? Then all I can say is, that I would prefer living under Chinese and even Russian laws. Please let me know at once what I am to do. You have my statement addressed to your Council to investigate Mohini's Don Juanic crime.

The blows of karma are coming so quick in succession so rapid and unexpected that it reacted on my nerves — or our nerves rather — and that the Countess and I are sitting looking at each other and feel convulsed with laughter.

No answer from Bowaji; gloomy — uninterrupted silence. Poor Gebhards, they seem entirely in his hands. The karma of the Countess who insisted to send him to Elberfeld.

Well — keep courage and go on. If we remain ten persons in the Society united strongly — it cannot die and my Secret Doctrine is there. Only beware of Bowaji who is a complete lunatic at present.

Yours, at the foot of a karmic Vesuvius covering me with uninterrupted eruptions of mud.

H. P. Blavatsky.

Please answer these questions

(1) Can they force me to go to London.
(2) Can they call me into a Court of Law for supposed libel? And if so can they compel the German Govt. to give me up if I refuse — what is the fine? if there is one. Please consult a lawyer and I will pay, it's only a trifle.

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