The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 22

{July 15th}

Ootacumund Nigiri and Blue Hills.
July Something.

Beloved She-Fellow and Sister,

To prove to you that you are as dear to my heart as ever (I beg leave to say that you are not "one so useless" and that it is a fishing fib) I answer your welcome "favour" "sharp and dry" as the Yankees say. But what shall I say? Since your departure I am eternally in hot water for that blessed paper. K. H. used me (I did not hear of him for nearly a fortnight) like a post-horse. I stirred up all our 69 Societies in India and letters sent to your dear Hub, will show to him and you that I have been kicking in this atmosphere like "un diable dans de l'eau benie." This horrid, dirty agitation kills all. Every one seems to have lost his head over the Bill and this idol business! I wish to Heavens Ilbert and Ripon and your indigo planters got all drowned in their own dye! Your politics will drive me mad like a March hare; and if the Boss does not come to India I will emigrate "armes et bagages" to Ceylon or Burma — I won't remain here with Hume.

You ask me, dear, whether "the money will come at all." And how can I know! Goodness, what can I do when even K. H. seems to give it up in disgust and despair. There is some infernal power at work most assuredly, and one of these powers is our Jhut-Sing of Simla, the Seer of the mountains, the "pet chela" of Jacolet the Swami of Almora. Ah if the old Chohan only but permitted our Masters to exercise their powers for one day! But HE will never interfere with India's punishment, its Karma, as he says, "for having killed so many Buddhists," though History does not mention such killing. But History was most probably written by "Jhut-Sing," when in another incarnation. Well, very little hope, I am afraid for us. Better not to deceive ourselves. My Boss M. says that Mr. Sinnett does "an immense good" in England. That a few months more and that the Theos. Soc. will be the great attraction. And behold! even that dear old and ever young Alice — the "lady-love" sticking her nose into politics and signing Protests. What even she be afraid of Native magistrates unless — well, silence is gold.

Olcott is at Ceylon. Had an interview with the Governor!! who called him to use his influence with the Buddhists in the matter of rows with the Roman Catholics. Has grown a beard to the seventh rib and hair floating in silvery locks like a Patriarch. He is going to London in January, I think; Buddhist clergy are sending him for some of their grievances. Well I still hope you will not see him for you will be here. Oh hopes sweet and delusive! I am at the Morgans, General, the Generaless, six daughters and two sons with four sons-in-law constitute the family of the most terrible atheists and the most flapdoodlish or the most kind Spiritualists. Such care, such kindness and regards for my venerable self that I feel ashamed. Received a letter from Countess Catherine Duchesse de Pomar. Begs for a regular Diploma and a Charter. Is elected President of the new "Societe Theosophique d'Orient et d'Occident," and writes on a paper with the Isis-Neith Mary Virgin on it "Nursing the Infant Soul" as she expresses it, calling the figure the "Divine Mother Theo-Sophia" surrounded by seven pigeons or "the Spirits of God." Well, she'll have her Charter.

Say dear, will do me a great favour? Try to get for me the portrait of the "Divine Anna" and of some other British Theosophist if you can, say I beg for them. Will you?

Poor Minnie Scott is getting blind, she is at the Jhut-Sing's paternal residence. Davison is here. Keeps two hotels for his Mother and brother-in-law and gets 800 rupees a month. Hates Hume and keeps letter from him in which he tells him of his long conversations in the Museum with K. H. and M. and shows that now he tries to show that they do not exist!!! Davison is disgusted with him and so are all those who know him. Please give "Uncle Sam" the enclosed.

What does Mr. Massey mean by passing "Resolutions" and sending to me remonstrances through Kirby? Since when do the Branches remonstrate with Parent Societies? Well, I like the check. Not to hurt people's religious feelings! Does he know that the Bishop of Madras proclaimed the Perfect Way "far more dangerous than the atheistical Theosophist," forbidding to read this work of Satan It hurts far more the feelings of Protestant Christianity than any advertisement or books of the freethinkers. Bosh. Salaam and may the Lord Buddha love you. Give my love to BOSS I will write to him another time. Too tired.

H. P. B.

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