The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 40

{Olcott had already gone back to India. H. P. B. was accompanied on her return voyage by Mr. and Mrs. Cooper-Oakley and, from Alexandria, by Leadbeater. They reached Madras December 19.}

On board.

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

I write a few words first for the sake of the Cause generally and all of us in particular. As I thought this day was one of revelation and retribution all over and round: the great test as a Cause is at an end, now we have but to wait for results. The first one is a letter from Mr. Finch and a confession from Mohini that the "Apocalypsis" that had to supersede Esoteric Buddhism and crush it out, not only out of market but out of existence is — good for nothing. Mr. Finch says that this is a work which "can only lower the Masters." The four chapters written entirely by Mohini are of course good, but wherever the spring of inspiration has let loose its waters, it is rough, unsystematic, reads like a meaningless jibbering of a schoolboy — makes ugly patches in the work and will certainly do no credit to the "two chelas" supposed to have written under the direct inspiration of a student. Well — the probation is at an end it seems — at least Act I. Master wants it to be issued before Christmas and we have to do it. Only poor Mohini will have to rewrite the whole chapter and remodel all the places where his collaborator gave original ideas. I wish you would see Mohini and have a talk with him about this work. He will tell you HOW it was written for he is now free to speak.

My Master whose voice I have just heard orders me to tell you that as Mohini is likely to stop in London till January, you better profit by his presence to complete your literary work that sleeps for want of materials but ought not. Seriously you ought to have him as often as you can to explain and teach you upon the subjects touched in your new book for now Master will give him orders to that effect. Hitherto he could not come to you, give or explain the least thing — for reasons your intuition may explain to you. Now he can and will do so. Dispose of me, for you I will consent now even to serve again as a postman. But for you alone and will beg you to keep me the secret. I will write from either Algiers or Malta and explain. Do answer me. Love to Mrs. Sinnett.

Yours truly again,
H. P. B.

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