The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 39

Saturday morning.

<Dear Mr. Sinnett,

Mrs. Holloway is just gone, and left me a few parting words for you, in the presence of Miss Arundale. "Do me the justice," she said — "to tell Mr. Sinnett, that to the last I was living here on two planes — the physical and the spiritual. Judging me from the physical he could not, of course, understand me, for I was living on the spiritual. To the last I have been acting under the direct orders of Master, and could not therefore, do as he (Mr. Sinnett) would have liked me to. This he would never consent to fully realise."

And, as a corroboration on my side, (which of course will not go far with you, but I have promised her and must do it) let me tell you my dear Mr. Sinnett, that apart from what I may have told her, and letters of Master to me about her, she had direct orders from Him, and acted upon. She tells me that you said that I told you otherwise; namely that the injunction ended when you came to Elberfeld. I can only say that I have never told you so and that you again misunderstood me. I said that personally, it was a matter of perfect indifference to me whether she would stay at your house or not; but that I knew it was Master's express wish she should not; that it was she herself, who, determined to carry out His orders, refused to do so; and had made several appeals to me to support her in this statement. This I did several times but you would never believe me. She was greatly disturbed (mentally) all the time, and her development has suffered thereby. But I hope she will be calmer now and rest.

May be I will not see you again; therefore let me tell you once more about the planets, rings, and rounds. You may copy this and send it on to Hubbe Schleiden and Frank. I said there were no such garlands of sausages [[diagram of seven circles roughly arranged in a circle, with 2 on the bottom, two on each side and one at the top]] as they thought of planets; that this representation was not even graphical but rather allegorical; that our seven planets were scattered about; that Rounds meant what you said, though the explanation was very incomplete, but that the rings what you call i.e. the seven root races and the evolution of man in his eternal septenary geration was misunderstood, not only by you but could not be understood clearly by any one uninitiated; and that, even that which might have been told by you, you had not told it for you have misunderstood one of Master's letters. This Subba Row and Mohini will prove to you any day on the authority of one of Master's letters. Now follow what you will find in Mrs. Holloway's "Man" — and you will see yourself. It is a difficult subject, Mr. Sinnett, and one can give it out fully only under two conditions. Either to hear Master's voice as she does; or to be an initiate oneself. Master (my Master) and the Mahatma gave you only what is permitted, and even that will be found difficult to express unless the idea is thoroughly impressed on one's mind. And now, goodbye. My real, sincere love to Mrs. Sinnett and my best wishes for yourself. I still hope that some day you will understand "things occult" and myself better than you do now.

Yours faithfully,

H. P. Blavatsky.

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