The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 52

Dear "couple of God" — only do not speak even to Mohini of my two private letters to Mrs. S. It is useless and would only frighten him. All depends — the future success, I mean, of the L.L. on our strict silence in reference to this unfortunate business — especially the latter named — or third party. For, whereas in the B----- and X----- Y----- cases, there's pure animal lust in the last named, it is simply the working, if I may say so, of the "Dweller on the Threshold"; it was a trial, bitter terrible and the more ferocious, since it was the last outburst in her life — the "last rose of summer." Poor, poor, dear girl — but she has withstood it bravely. I have written her a long letter as ordered to show to her that I know all and knew much last year already in reference to some other things only never opened my lips to any one in this world. Without precising things I have made her understand the truth and assured her of my still greater respect for her now — for no one can help being tempted who crosses the threshold. There are more chances for her now than ever — as I explained. But I tremble lest vanity and womanly pride should prove stronger in her than devotion to the Society and Cause. She will not mind me knowing — but if she ever suspected that you know it she would throw overboard all — and turn perhaps a bitter enemy.

We cannot afford to lose her especially now it would be the Society's death.

Tell me please have you a copy of the Defence Committee or shall I have to send you the only one I have with notes. But except notes for the first pages of the Coulomb pamphlet, I do not see what I can do? Why it's lies from beginning to end.

H. P. B.

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