The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 53

6 Ludwig StRASSE,

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

Yours just received. It is not of my personal vindication you have to think, but of that of the cause, of our Holy Mahatmas, reduced by the moutons de Panurge of Mr. Myers into soap-bubbles and creations of my over-heated fancy. Had the outside public one atom of sound, fair judgment in their brains — and this can be only made to be by such theosophists as yourself — there are two or three points that would kill them outright. One of these is — Hodgson said that he could not forgive me, for sacrilegiously debasing some of the highest truths of human nature to serve the political interests of Russia!!! The brass-clad donkey! Now you know if there is one sane man in India who, with the exception of padris and the Coulombs; could find one item of truth in this stupid accusation — I, who for five years kept harping on the same phrase before every dissatisfied Hindu: "Better put a millstone on your necks and drown yourselves all you Hindus, and Mussulmans, before the crazy notion of a change for the better if ever the Russians got hold of you — could ever enter your heads." This sentence was written by me even so long ago as from New York to Hurrychund Chintamon to Bombay and his answer was seen by Hodgson, for Olcott found several of his replies to me and he could infer my statement by the answer made by Chintamon.

"If Russia is all you say then Heaven save and preserve us from such a Government!" Hodgson saw it, I say, and therefore he lies when he still persists in seeing in me a Russian spy or even a well-wisher of the Russian Govt. But that is a personal matter, now, between himself and his conscience — if he has any. Myers has done great harm in Paris last week, and he boasted of it in his letter to Solovioff. "I have seen your friend Doctor Richet and some other theosophists and made them to accept my views," he says.

It is not to Leadbeter, dear Mr. Sinnett, that you ought to have written about the suppression of everything in the Theosophist relating to me and my defence, but to the Executive Council at Adyar. Why they act so, is because Col. Olcott made them believe (under influence only not of a very occult character) all, that the L. L. found me guilty, that all the European theosophists had given me up and had turned away from me, that in a word I had become a pariah in your eyes — while Europ. theosophists were told that it is the Hindu who had lost confidence in me. Could the double untruth be cleared up, could you only write to the Executive Council an official letter denying the statement, then would you do the Cause a favour as well as to myself.

Yes; many are the things we shall have to talk over and foremost of all the Mahatma's desire that the Branches of the T.S. especially the L.L. and the European, should be made all autonomous under one President. A sudden and efficient stop must be made to "President's Camps," Poona, and "President's Camp, Lahore" and "Special orders" and all that sort of thing. Ah well, who loves the Cause — has to sacrifice himself, and I am ever ready.

Au revoir.

Yours ever faulty,
H. P. Blavatsky.

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