The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 74


I enclose the medical certificate of Prof. Oppenheimer who made a minute and exact examination "since my illness finds itself complicated now by some congenital crookedness of the uterus as he says — having it appears something to do with child-bearing (the uterus in general not mine or its crookedness) and which (though I had always had a dim conception that "uterus" was the same thing as "bladder") — which crookedness kills at once the missionaries and their hopes of proving me the mother of three or more children. He had written a long and complicated statement of the reason why I could never have not only children, but anything in the shape of an extra since unless an operation is now made — they can't get at that blessed uterus to cure it. I thanked and declined. Better die than have an operation made. But knowing this (certificate) shall have probably to be read in my defence — I did not permit him to go into physiological particulars and asked him simply to certify the fact that I never had any child or children, nor could I have them.

What next shall people say?

Yours dishonoured in my old age
H. P. Blavatsky.

Franz Gebhard and Hubbe Schleiden translated the certificate for you. The Dr. (Oppenheimer) says that Gynaecological "illness" means "woman's functions" and shows intactness (as Mme. Noury of Stead's trial has it) Hubbe Schleiden explaining to me blushingly that "it is a delicate and scientific way of putting it, and very clear." Don't show this to anyone — I write it to you as a trusted friend — its real SHAME to speak of it — though I am decided that my friends and defenders should know it. Keep the certificate.

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