The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 84

My dear Madame et Monsieur Sinnett,

Gout and old age allowing me certain privileges, "permit me" — to address you both. God, through his select servant the Parson (by the by, I do not feel sure of a Parson — was there one, or simply Law) having united you into one, I may labour under the illusion, as long as it suits my purposes, and imagine you like Jehovah and Eve before they were split into two by sin, and thus address you as though you had been never unsplit. Now you must excuse me — I have the "Secret Doctrine" on my brain, and I am raving, I fancy.

Magnifying glass, the Countess, and a certain dose of occult perspicacity having happily helped me to decipher your letter (Mrs. Eve-Sinnett), a process that took me about 3 1/2 hours, I am able to answer you. The first sentence having reference to the Memoirs I read well enough. Yes I am ready, i.e. for "inspection" never for "approval" however well written and interesting they may be. I have developed in me a horror for my name in print, that amounts to flesh creeping every time I see it. I am determined to sign the S.D. with some fantastic name from the world of "Non-Being." By the bye, my Aunt sends me a long list of ancestors or ancestresses married with Russian Czars. Flattering — to the poor Devachanees I mean — to see their descendant so well appreciated by the Western posterity. I hope they have all remained blind and deaf in Kamaloka. As I leave Wurzburg only on May 15th and that some Jesuits are coming from London to pay me a friendly visit — I will have plenty of time, if you are in a hurry. I am on the "Theogony of the Seven" at present, and somehow or other they won't work — or perhaps my brains don't. I have all mixed up, and must rest if I don't want to find myself lodged in a lunatic asylum one of these days. Send the Memoirs by all means. Mohini "in Ireland" to talk to members Does he want to convert some Irish spinster and begin correspondence with her? I hope, it did go through in right earnest. What does "Babaji" want my address for? I thought I had done with him. I sent him (or rather the Countess has) his box with clothes and received as acknowledgment and thanks a postal card thanking me for having kept his most important papers with me, a hint at my having "stolen" them I suppose, to use them against him. He is mortally afraid of me — that's sure, and yet the fool does not know what I really do know.

And now with regard to what you say about the two "chelas," I will beg to draw your attention to certain things and then leave the rest to your better judgment. I speak on authority, and unless you or rather Mr. Sinnett helps and seconds me, I can do nothing.

The French Branch which has survived Hodgson, Coulomb and even the personal efforts of Myers — is now killed through Mohini. It is dead like a door-nail; for Mme. de Morsier is against it. This — because I was kept in the dark all the time. Had I known what was going on in Paris, and the state she was in — I would have never written her the letter I have, and would have never involved myself, nor made her feel mad with me, with herself and so on. I knew nothing. Mohini did not tell me one word. Babaji, if he knew it, kept all secret from me. To this day I do not know how and why it began, and what she believes in or does not believe. However — the Branch is dead and Mohini cannot deny it. She will drag away from us all the members she brought in. Solovioff is there to help her.

Babaji has unsettled the Gebhards entirely. If he is permitted to return — say good bye to the German Branch and our mutual friends. Let this be a Prophecy — you are warned. The German Branch is dead, thanks to him again. Had he not unsettled the Gebhards as he has — they would have never allowed the Sphinx to go out of the Society or let the things go down, as they did.

Now remains the London Lodge. Who is its President? And who but the President has a right to speak with authority? If you let those two boys do what they please and do not counteract them, the L.L. will die of an indigestion of Ethics. Are you going to proceed with your policy of masterly inactivity — or what? Why not call a Council Meeting and have the two called and represent to them what they have and are doing, and say frankly and honestly that you cannot allow this any longer. They have either to work with you, or get out of the L.L. and live in London as two independent members till the General Council and SOMEBODY ELSE — takes up their cases in hand. Funny policy. You act as though you had no rights. Tell them they have to decide or, that you will write a Report to Adyar, to the Council, and let it be known there that they are ruining the last Branch in Europe. Unless you do as I advise you, (advised in my turn) it is your masterly inactivity that will ruin the Society — not the two chelas. It's all Miss A.'s fault. It is she who has spoilt both, and who is ruining the Society.

Enclosed a letter from Franz. The "Jesuits"? I should say so. They are going now to make me an offer on April 20th. We will see and —

Now, lady and gentleman — I have done. What next? Better lose as little as you can of your time while I am with you and alive. In a few days I may be with the Jesuits and — DEAD.

Yours till the happy event,
H. P. B.

Now Please let me know what about the Leonard? Has my money come?

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