The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 101

Received Simla, {October} 1881.

Your letter received. I believe you had better try and see whether you could not make your ideas less polemical and dry than his. I begin to think there may be some stuff in you, since you are able so to appreciate my beloved friend and brother. I have attended to the Brahmin boy's letter and erased the offensive sentence replacing it with another. You can now show it to the Maha Sahib; him so proud in his bakbak humility and so humble in his pride. As for phenomena you will have none — I have written through Olcott. Blessed is he who knows our Koothoomi and blessed is he who appreciates him. What I now mean you will understand some day. As for your A.O.H. I know him better than you ever will.


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