The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Detailed Table of Contents

NOTE: Files of each letter are named according to the letter number assigned by A. T. Barker in his first and second editions, given in Arabic numerals, as in ml-#.htm. To go to a particular letter, change the last section of the current URL from ml-con.htm to the file name reflecting the number of the letter. For example, to go to Letter 5, type ml-5.htm; for letter 24b, type ml-24b.htm, etc. For a description of the contents of each letter, see the detailed contents below.

Individual letters are linked both numerically, according to Barker's numbering system, and chronologically, with both the next and the previous Mahatma letter. The Letters not placed chronologically are 123 and 145.

Section I: The Occult World Series

Section 2: Philosophical and Theoretical Teachings 1881-1883

Section 3: Probation and Chelaship

Section 4: The Phoenix Venture and the Condition of India

Section 5: The London Lodge of The Theosophical Society

Section 6: Spiritualism and Phenomena

Section 7: Miscellaneous Letters

Appendix 1

Mars and Mercury

Sinnett reopens the controversy — implications against H.P.B. — Mrs. Besant's statements in Lucifer on the subject — the facts in the light of K.H.'s letter — the misunderstood passage — Mrs. Besant's "categorical statement that Mars and Mercury belong to Earth Chain" — quotations from The Secret Doctrine — the whole theory proves false.

Appendix 2


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