The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 128

Class dp — INDIAN TELEGRAPH — Local No. 5686

To (Station) Adyar Madras
From (Station) Jammoo

To (Person) Madame Blavatsky
Editor of the Theosophist.
From (Person) Colonel Olcott

Damodar left before dawn at about eight oclock letters from him and Koothumi found on my table — Dont say whether return or not — Damodar bids us all farewell conditionally and says brother theosophists should all feel encouraged knowing that he has found the blessed masters and been called by them+ the dear boys recent developments astonishing.+ Hooney bids me await orders.

Madras 25-11-83  Hour 17:30.

{Damodar returned the evening of the 27th, much improved in health. See O.D.L. 3:54.}

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