The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 72

{Received Allahabad, late October, 1882}

My good Brother — the little Doctor and the chela Mohini will explain to you the object of their visit and a serious conference which I believe necessary. The objections of last year are creeping out also, you have a letter from me in which I explain why we never guide our chelas (the most advanced even); nor do we forewarn them leaving the effects produced by causes of their own creation to teach them better experience. Please bear in mind that particular letter. Before the cycle ends every misconception ought to be swept away. I trust in and rely upon you to clear them entirely in the minds of the Prayag Fellows. They are a troublesome lot — especially Adityaram, who influences the whole group. But what they say of last night is right. You were a little bit too much carried away with your enthusiasm for occultism and mixed it up very imprudently with Universal Brotherhood. They will explain to you all.


K. H.

{This Anniversary, the Seventh, was held December 1882 with A.P.S. in the chair. Olcott in his O.D.L. has confused the one held in January of the same year with this one.}

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